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I can't remember where I saw it but there are "expanding" maternity bras that cover multiple sizes.  I'm kicking myself in the buns for not buying them when I saw them on sale.  I too started out as a small B and now am in the full C range thinking I may grow to a D for Pete sake.

The bra I saw covered B-D.


I've been wearing sports bras at the recommendation of friends and my sister or those tanks with the build in cami but I'm growing out of those too.  They are starting to get a bit snug and don't necessarily offer the best support but some days it's just what I need as far as constriction goes.  Some days I just can't take the squishing of the girls.


I'll try to see if I can find a site that carries these bras and post the link.



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Hey Mommas,

Was just over in the August DDC where I saw this.  This isn't the bra that I saw but it's an "expanding" bra.


It's called the coobie bra/


New Colors are Here!!!
We now have Ivory, Mocha, Coffee Bean, Baby Blue, Heavenly Pink and Mandarin Orange. Coobie Seamless Bra – Scoopneck – is currently the most popular style. Available in Neutrals and fun colors. One size fits almost every body. Comfortably fits sizes 32A to 36D-DD. No Kidding – they really do fit that size range perfectly!
Many larger customers find it comfortable as well.
Each one comes with an extra set of clear straps and each has removeable pads.
Straps are adjustable. See the bottom of the page for the NEW Plus Size.


I'm going to check them out.

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awww, that's not fair, they need to make a bigger sized one as well! lol.gif

How was everyone's weekend?
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Busy.  Worked on Fri and Saturday then went to my MIL's 60th B-day party which was interesting.

She finally got the picture that I don't like her patting my tummy and talking to "baby" every time she sees me.  It drove me crazy.  She started doing it at church then all her friends would join in--annoying to say the least.

Party was good but we were out late.  This momma was not made for late nights--too old winky.gif


Good thing was we got to sleep in on Sunday so that was good.

Not a great first day of spring here.  Snowed all day--BOO!  We got a lot of house cleaning done and some organization which was really good and helpful.


My husband has taken to nicknaming the baby Awesome which is kind of cute coming from him.  We have decided that once we finally decide on a name that we will not reveal it to family and friends till birth.  They can just call him Awesome till then. 


Hope the rest of you had a great weekend. 

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While searching for another thread I found this on the pg forum.  Thought maybe the bigger busted mommas of the group might get some helpful information out of it.



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Thanks for the post Becky.  I've switched to sports bras, because of the cost, and because they minimize my bust.  I know this is terrible support though. 


I had a good weekend, but we are having some major neighbor problems in our apartment complex.  And I know the things they are doing are magnified because I keep thinking about bringing the baby home with them there and it makes me cringe (loud music, coming home at 3am-presumably drunk- and being loud, throwing cigarette butts all over the property--they also decided to spray paint some furniture on the walkways and didn't put anything under the furniture so now there is spray paint on the walkways).  I need this to get resolved before July.  We were honestly not planning on staying past this upcoming October, but I don't want to get chased out sooner than we're ready because of these people.  AHH!!!  Apartment living sucks, can't wait until we can get a house.


It is my husband's birthday today and we are going to our fav vegetarian restaurant tonight so I am super excited.  I have never tasted anything better than the food at this place.  After getting pregnant, we had to re-learn how to celebrate holidays and birthdays without booze.  Turns out, it's not as bad as it seems =)


Hope everyone else had a nice weekend, and is not dealing with unruly neighbors!!

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yell: I really hope your neighbour problems get sorted out soon and to your satisfaction. Troublesome neighbours are the absolute worst! Hopefully your dinner out helped you relax and forget about them for a little while smile.gif

On the bra note - the only ones I can wear right now are my non-underwire bras, not quite sports bras but simlar. With my chest size finding cheap interim bras on clearance just isn't a reality - the only place I can even find bras my size is in bra specialty shops greensad.gif Tops with built in bras are long past working for me so I'm pretty much stuck. It's not too terrible right now while I'm still wearing bulky winter clothing but once it starts to get warm I'll have to find something that gives me support and doesn't make my boobs look like funky double-boobs!

So this week I ordered my Mei Tai Baby carrier! I'm so excited. I read SO many reviews on carriers and carriers types and I finally decided on that one as it has lots of reviews and they were pretty much all positive. And I love the interchangeable panels so we can have some "guy" panels so DH can wear it as well. And there was a bunch of panels on sale! We got 6 panels plus the carrier. My mother is buying it for me as a shower gift smile.gif

And then yesterday I got one of the best birthday presents EVER! DH and I are flying home to Vancouver for my bithday n Apil. My mom texted me to let me know that the show Cavalia is hapening in Vancouver while we're there. For those who don't know, it's basically a cross between the Lipizan stallion show and a Cirque Du Soleil show. I've wanted to see it for as long as I've known about it but never had the opportunity. So my mom and dad got me and DH tickets to see it and a night at a nice hotel in downtown Vancouver while we're out there joy.gifjoy.gif Of course the package includes free cocktails which I guess DH will have to enjoy to himself smile.gif Maybe they can make me a good virgin drink!

Anyways I'm still flying high knowing I get to go see Cavalia! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself smile.giforngbiggrin.gif
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That sounds like fun!!!!  I love mini vacas!


We got our crib yesterday and I can't wait for my husband to put it together this weekend!!!!!!!!!  




in antique white  =)

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Living:  That sounds amazing!  I love the shows like that.  I've never seen anything like it but I know what you are talking about and I'm sure it's going to be spectacular!


Congratulations on the Mei Tai.  With all the carriers out there it's so hard to just narrow it down to one.  I'm like "I take one of each"--if only that were possible.  My mom and sister are going to get me a carrier as well for my shower.

I'm going back to visit my family in May--my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and my mom thought it would be a great idea to throw me a shower (not if I have to pay to ship everything across the US--hello?  Sorry don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything but shipping is EXPENSIVE!!)  The idea is very sweet but I told her that everyone would have to buy online or do a gift card type deal or how about just a belly blessing ceremony type deal where we can just celebrate the pregnancy amongst the women and they can just bring me a bead or stone or something memorable to them that I can use during birth.  So we will see what happens there.

Yell:  Love the crib!

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Hi! I'm new to the message board. :-)


I'm Reyanna, married to Jeremy for eight years. We have three fur-babies, and we're pregnant with our first *non* fur-baby ;-), due July 30th (Danielle, same as you)! :-D Also, July 30th is my husband's and my 30th birthday, so we are totally stoked at the possibility of sharing with our baby too! Tee hee. But even if it's within a week or two, it will still be cool. ;-)

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Reyanna (pretty name!)--


Welcome!  That is amazing that you AND your husband have a chance of sharing your birthday with your babe!  It's crazy enough that you and your husband have the same birthday.  And then to be due that day -- WOW!  Did you guys find out if you are having a girl or boy or are you not finding out?


So while we are talking about expanding bust sizes, I would like to talk about my expanding rear end.  I had to go buy new underpants yesterday - for the second time during this pregnancy.  The first time I went from a small to a med and now I've gone from a med to a large!  I can't afford to grow anymore!  I also bit the bullet and ordered a new bra.  Freshpair.com has big sizes, good prices, and free shipping.  I think I got one for $25.  Although I should have got a new sports bra too because I'm squeezin' these bad boys into a 36C when in reality I am a 36DDD.  I'm just sick of spending money!

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We *are* having a surprise. :) We're really excited about that too. :D


I hear you on the new underwear/bra buying! I did go from sm to med already for underwear, and some of those (the hiphuggers) are getting a bit snug. I'm hoping the med bikinis last me though. And I did buy three new bras. I'm able to wear two of my older sports bras still. I've gone from a 32B/C to a 34C, so I'm sure I'll grow a bit more when the baby is born. Hopefully, I'll be good on bras till birth though. That's what I'm *hoping* anyway. ;) LOL.


And I am also *so* tired of spending money. I had to buy skirts and tops today (got everything at a consignment store or clearance at Old Navy!), plus a new cami because I've pretty much grown out of everything. LOL. I'm hoping my shopping spree is over. I like having new stuff to wear, but I HATE shopping, and I'm not a fan of spending money either. LOL. :p


Oh!! And you know what I did for shorts? I have pretty skinny, long legs, so all maternity shorts look ridiculous on me... LOL. I went to the Goodwill and/or consignment shop and found really good-fitting jeans... didn't matter if they were too short. I made them all into bermuda shorts! I can roll them up or keep them down and frayed (cut off long ends). I love the look, and I'm stoked I only spent $7 per pair! :D

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Reyanna - Nice to meet you!   I'm going to try your suggestion and look for regular pants at goodwill. I'm short so I think the really low rise pants or shorts in bigger size might work on me.   I'm due in early July, so excited to have a summer baby :)  we did not find out the gender. 


I think parental nesting has kicked into high gear. Our to-do list for the next 2 months, We are painting our bedroom, which meant moving all of our bedroom furniture into what will be the nursery.  We're CRAZY!!!  Paint our bathroom (which has mold issues that need to be treated). Of course I won't be painting or doing any of the prep work because of the dust and toxins.  So my list is to start our vegetable garden, mulch the flower beds, decorate the nursery.  and grow a baby!!!  :)   I'm hoping my energy continues into the third trimester.  But once it's all done, hopefully by June we can put our feet up with a cold glass of tea and a beer for the hubby and relax for a few weeks before the baby comes!  My husband's 30th birthday is June 22. 


I'm relating to everyone who has been on a spring shopping spree!  I was given a bunch of maternity clothes from friends but everything is large or extra large, too big for me, so I am taking most of it to a clothing swap in a few weeks, hopefully I will find some small sizes. I've been scouring thrift stores for maternity pants and shorts. Did anyone else notice all maternity tops seem to have these strings that tie around the back, hate that.  


My best friend and mom are planning my baby shower. I have alot of angst about registering...  I felt peer pressure from my friend who said I had to register like I would fail at being a good little pregnant lady if I didn't.  I'll admit I did NOT enjoy it. I did most of it on online at Amazon.com. and a little at babysrus. We have a small house and live pretty simply so we tried to register for essentials we would need for the first 6 months.  I have been asking friends to look for stuff second hand so we can borrow it as we need it, like a swing, bouncer, play contraptions. I did not register for clothing because I figured people would just buy what they thought was cute or on sale and once the baby is born we will be bombarded with pink or blue anyway.  I have found that is SO hard to find gender neutral clothing at the big box stores that is not pastel or has words on it. Husband is very against clothing that says anything like daddy's little helper or mommy's princess.  I've been looking at thrift stores and consiment sales for clothing that suits our taste.  I LOVE second hand stores. 


It has been very easy to get caught up in all the shopping and consuming related to a new baby, but I have been trying re-focus my energy on planning our homebirth. Making sure I stay physically healthy with diet and exercise and mentally with our Bradley childbirth classes, yoga and reading positive birth stories and holistic books about baby care and development.  When I get worked up about who is going to buy us stuff or if we will have all the stuff we need, I think about how much we already love our baby so much and relax and enjoy the amazement of growing another life and embracing the changes happening to my body.  Love watching the baby move around in my belly in the evening, it's like I'm trying to play with it by pushing around making it kick :) I love it!




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ebegreen - what you said about registering is exactly what I've been thinking! I have a small registry list on Amazon and one on cottonbabies.com for diaper supplies. But otherwise, I'm trying not to let large pieces of equipment get into our house. Between the two of us, plus 2 cats, a baby and a bunch of big baby contraptions - it would be too much for 720 sq. ft.! So far the only baby stuff I've bought is about $12 worth of secondhand clothes at consignment sales... My sister's daughter was born last July, so she's got a lot of season-appropriate clothes I can comb through, and I know people love to buy clothes, so I didn't register for any either.


My mom is just itching for us to get the crib so she & Dad can come down and help us move furniture around, but I just haven't found the right one, you know? I'm a procrastinator though - the last few weekends I've been doing yardwork instead of looking for baby stuff.


On the growing belly front, I had some luck at Goodwill last weekend - found a couple pairs of pants and a dress (stretchy, non-maternity) plus some BeBand leggings. Our Macy's has Motherhood clothes now, so I check their sale rack occasionally. Still haven't bit the bullet on nursing bras though. Fortunately, when I lost a bunch of weight about 1 1/2 years ago, I kept my larger-sized bras "just in case" and I've been able use those.

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