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tank: I'm so sorry :(


SaraJaneM: Oh no, being sick AND nauseous over the holidays can't be a fun time! That sucks. I hope you start feeling better soon. But congrats for finishing your semester :)


If I were in your position with your MIL, I would be tempted to tell her that if she doesn't like your choices, to please keep her opinion to herself. Or alternately, ask your DH to talk to her about it. I know my MIL isn't thrilled with our choice but thankfully she just tells her opinion to DH. She knows I'm not interested in hearing it. DH and I have an agreement - he handles his mom and I handle mine :) It works out well! I think he just doesn't want me making his mom angry :D


Things are quiet around here, it's been a pretty mellow holiday season. Just the way I like it! I'll be seeing the midwife for our first private appt on Jan 4th and then our NT scan ultrasound on Jan 10th. SO excited to see our little bean for the first time!!

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Please add me, too. EDD 7/11/11!


Finally come out of the nausea and exhaustion that was first trimester. I swear I've never been so tired in my life.


Ok, hi everybody!

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matte: You have been added! Welcome smile.gif

I changed it from a monthly thread so that I don't have to keep remembering (or forgetting, which seems more common) to make ad each month! There hasn't been a lot of posting so I think this thread should do us until July/August orngbiggrin.gif

How is everyone feeling? I'm getting nervous, we have our NT scan scheduled for Monday. We'll finally get to see the baby! It feels like I've been pregnant forever and never gotten to see or hear the baby. I sometimes wonder if it's actually real or if I'm just suddenly getting fatter/more bloated LOL.
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I would like to be added please!!!  EDD 7/15/11! 


LivingSky, you will be sooo moved when you see the baby!  We saw ours at 8 weeks.  It was a cute little gummy bear  :) 


Overall, I'm starting to feel great!  My energy is returning and my queasiness is easing.  The only negative side effect of pregnancy that I'm having is headaches... pretty much everyday.  I need to get some peppermint oil!!!


I'm so happy for all of you!  Happy Pregnancy!

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Hi all! I'm finally back from the crazy holiday traveling (we visited EVERYONE this year...so next year we don't have to. I hope!) and maybe, just maybe, have caught up a little on sleep. I am still so, so exhausted every single day; every time I do anything strenuous, like washing a dish or brushing my teeth, I have to take a nap. It was really hard on my body trying to be sociable and awake every single day for normal people hours. Plus the minimal m/s I had is getting gradually worse. This week so far I'm only good for about 2 hours awake and functional at a time, maybe 3 times a day, if I'm lucky. I'm also sucking at drinking enough water to avoid headaches because I can't drag myself out of bed to refill my cup. (Which is slightly sad.) DH is being very patient with me, thank goodness.

But....I'm NOT complaining, because hey, I am STILL PREGNANT at 10w5d, (woohoo!) ... but I would be pretty happy to trade in the fatigue for some new symptoms!

My Christmas present from the little one, incidentally, was my belly popping. All my pants (and I was already down to 3 pairs....) stopped buttoning AND zipping overnight. Good times when living out of a suitcase! I shipped half my clothes home unworn, and bought a cheap-o pair of maternity jeans the next day. They are really too loose yet, but they are warmer than the leggings which now are my wardrobe, and thankfully I brought with me. I've got plans to hit up Old Navy soon, while they still have winter stock. I had no idea it could happen that fast...or what exactly is taking up all that room; I can't feel my fundus yet, so I'm pretty sure it's not all uterus!

I'm struggling with anxiety as to whether all is going well in there, but right now, I'm too tired to be *too* anxious. I can't wait to see or hear the heartbeat again....nothing else seems to reassure me.

Posting is hard work. I need another nap.

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Meander~  I hope you are like me and one day you will wake up with most of your energy back!  It happened about a week ago when I was just starting my 12th week.  It's SO nice to do stuff again!  We even went hiking on New Years Day!  Craaaazy!  BTW- where are you in NC?  I lived in Raleigh for a while and will probably be moving back soon. 

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mamasmith: Welcome! You have been added smile.gif

meander: Welcome back from all your travels! I can't imagine having to travel and be social with how exhausted I've been. Good for you for pushing through it but I'm happy you get a chance to rest and recover now! I was worried when we didn't hear from you for so long. That sounds a bit stalkerish, doesn't it? redface.gif I just worry since we were in the TTC boards together so I feel just as invested in YOUR due date as mine! lol.gif

mamasmith: I hope I wake up and get all my energy back too! lol.gif I'm 11w4d so hopefully soon. 2 days left until our first ultrasound. I can't wait and I'm SO nervous.

Our good news for the week - my dad has decided that me commuting 100's of kilometers a day, in our winter weather cold.gif, in my old beatup truck with no heat, is not good enough or safe enough for his grandbaby-to-be. So he cosigned a loan for a new car and is footing half the monthly payments for it, so I have something safe and reliable to drive. Yesterday I brought home my new lime squeeze Ford Fiesta! joy.gif It is this awesome obnoxious green color and I absolutely adore it. Plus the money I will save on gas from commuting in my truck will pay for the car payment AND the insurance. My truck got about 11 MPG, the Fiesta is rated for 55 MPG (though will probably get more like 45). joy.gif I'm so excited about it, all I want to do is go drive around.
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Living Sky - congrats on the new wheels!!! You are going to have a blast seeing the babe on Monday. It really looks like a baby at this stage.


Meander - I just "popped" too. Like today. I'm 14w and I feel like the belly ligaments are really starting to streeeetch.


I have two pregnancy-related New Years resolutions - 1) to drink more water. I'm sure I'm not even close to the recommended daily intake - gotta work on that! and 2) Go to my prenatal yoga class (and probably an extra regular yoga class per week.) Anybody else????




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Can I be added please?  I'm due mid July, no exact due date yet...


I'm really excited about the babe but sooo tired I hardly have the energy to enjoy it yet.  I can't wait for the 2nd trimester when it's supposed to get a little better, hopefully.  I keep joking to my hubby that being pregnant is sort of like being hungover, I'm nauseous, tired and headachey  wild.gif


On the up side, I am starting to show so I don't look quite like the bloated frat boy I was looking like a couple of weeks ago.  Now it's really starting to feel real for me and the hubby.

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mugglesmom: Welcome, you have been added smile.gif

Mama Metis: Mine was to get a prenatal yoga DVD and start doing that 3 days a week (I want to work up to 5 days a week but starting slow!). I ordered the DVD yesterday so now just waiting for it to arrive! I would love to go to yoga classes but I'm 45 minutes away from the closest one, and there's no way I'd have the energy to drive in to town and back home again after a long workday. So for now, I'll stick to my DVD at home, and then once the weather warms up (in April I hope) I'm going to start walking.

AFM: Today is ultrasound day! My alarm was set for 7am but I woke up at 5:30 and was too nervous to go back to sleep. So now I have to wait it out. The ultrasound is 4 hours from now. It will be a lot easier to believe that we're really pregnant and everything is going ok after we see the baby!!
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14 weeks!  I'm not showing yet, but some of my pants are starting to fit a little snug around the waist. eyesroll.gif

I'm going to tell my boss next week so please send good vibes my way, I am SO nervous.  I work in sales and only see my boss like once or twice a month and she is super busy so getting a 10 minute meeting with her alone is challenging.  I could probably get away with waiting a few more weeks to tell but I want to share the news with my co-workers I see everyday.


Livingsky- what Yoga DVD did you order?  I would love to start doing prenatal Yoga in the mornings before work.   


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Mugglesmom - welcome!!! I had to LOL about the "bloated frat boy"..yep, just came out of that stage myself.


Livingsky - How was it?! Hope you brought home lots of adorable pictures!


Ebegreen - I haven't told my boss yet either. Now she's out of town so I probably won't get a good chance for a couple more weeks. I'll be like 16-17 weeks then - yikes! The numbers seem to go up faster in the 2nd tri.



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ebegreen: I ordered Crunch Mama Prenatal Yoga. It was the one I saw recommended most often so hopefully it's good. I'm pretty much a yoga newbie so hopefully it explains everything very clearly! Otherwise I may end up tied up in knots on my living room floor lol.gif

Mama Metis: Thanks for asking - it went great!!

I wasn't sure if I needd to drink a bunch of water, so I did just in case. The ultrasound lady laughed and said I didn't need to - and one look on the ultrasound at my very full bladder and she sent me off to go pee before continuing! lol.gif So then we had a much more comfortable look at our baby smile.gif It's measuring right on track and everything looked perfect. The NT scan result was perfect (they say they want to see less than 3 mm of fluid, and it was less than 1.5 mm) so now we're just waiting on the blood test result. Heartbeat was great at 159 bmp.

So it turns out, it's all real! I know that seems silly to say 12 weeks along, but really, prior to this we'd seen no ultrasound, heard no heartbeat, so beyond a positive pregnancy test (or 12) and lack of period, it didn't seem REAL. I've barely had symptoms either, which had me a bit worried, but now I'm going to enjoy my lack of symptoms knowing that everything looks good in there!

joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif <-- this is me today smile.gif
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Yay! That's awesome LivingSky! You're lucky - they made me drink 32oz. of water before my ultrasound. huh.gif I thought I was going to explode. I was pretty set on minimal ultrasound, and still am, but I LOVED seeing the baby. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when I look at the ultrasound pics of our baby, I honestly think what a *cute* baby.... to which DH rightly rolls his eyes. Grandma, meanwhile, still can't see the baby in the picture. LOL.

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Ebegreen:  If you have netflix, the crunch mama yoga in on there.  I'm 11w 4d and only have the chubb around my midsection that shows.  My pants to are becoming a bit snug.  Had to break down and do the bella band thing.  It wasn't uncomfortable at all. 


Muggles:  WELCOME...I too had to laugh at your post. 



LivingSky:  Congrats!  I know how you feel.  I'm still "struggling with the reality" of it all because I have so few symptoms--being really tired is the biggest one and even that has started to dwindle in the last 4 days or so.  I didn't believe it till I saw the little babe at 8 wks with a nice healthy heartbeat.  Then my doubt started creeping up again. 

I kept telling my DH that I would probably freak out at our MW appt last Wed if we didn't hear the heartbeat.  Thankfully, it popped right up in the high 160s.  He just laughed as soon as he heard it and said to me "do you believe it's in there now?"


I've done Crunch Mama yoga on Netflix and I liked it.  I've done yoga once or twice and didn't find it too difficult (except the kegels in the squat position--guess I need to work on that more winky.gif )


I go back to the MW on Feb 4th for another appt and back to the OB in 9 weeks for my 20 week US which I have yet to schedule)


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LivingSky~  I'm so glad mama and baby are healthy!  Seeing and hearing the heartbeat was magical for me.  I was in doubt too before that.  And now that it's been 5 weeks since then, I have that feeling again... is it a dream?  Is it still in there?! 


MugglesMom~  I still look like I've been doing keg stands.  You are lucky to be showing!  I wish I could enjoy the beer that everyone thinks I'm drinking.  My EDD is mid-July too!  We'll have to race.



I've decided to do tai chi.  Well, I've mentally decided, I actually haven't done anything physical yet!  Has anyone else done this before?  I really love moving meditation (yoga, hula hooping, etc), but I've never tried tai chi.  I read that it's really great for preggos!  I feel like it would help prepare my mind and body for a natural birth. 


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Mamasmith:  I'd race you if I wan't so friggin' tired, you run ahead and I'll just lay here and take a nap...  It is promising to hear that you've regained your energy.  I'm still not there yet.  Every night before I go to bed I set my alarm and tell myself that I'm going to get up and do yoga before work.  That has happened twice.  Oh well, maybe someday...


Livingsky:  I got the Shiva Rea yoga video and it's pretty good (but like I said I've only put it in twice)  She has women in all three stages of pregnancy with modifications for each or if you're just feeling low energy or new to yoga.  It's pretty gentle so you won't get a real workout, but I do enjoy it. 


Anyone have any idea when we should start feeling the bugger move?  I thought I felt something today...  I've heard the first movements feel something like little bubbles or fluttering wings and that's exactly what I felt!  I'm hoping it's movement and not just more gaswhistling.gif    Anyone else?  I might just be psyching myself up cuz it's my first baby, but I just can't seem to wait for every little thing to happen!!!

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we had our second appt last thursday and heard the hb and saw the baby on the US, it was doing all sorts of little flippys in there.  I have had virtually no morning sickness, or any other symptoms really besides sensitive boobs and being hungry all the time.  I'm 11 weeks as of yesterday and I've noticed my tummy is harder, i assume that's the uterus?  I won't say i've felt movement, because i don't know what movement feels like, but i do get these random "muscle spasm" type feelings in my tummy randomly. IM SO EXCITED!!!

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to this site. I have been on the July 2011 board on WhattoExpect but this looks like a much more chill place to be!


I'm due July 11. Can you add me to the list?


I'm from Bermuda, living in Denmark, 36 and pregnant for the first time. My husband and I are sooooo excited! We are planning a home water birth. I've just started reading about hypnobirthing and I'm now looking for a course nearby in English, which might be a stretch... We had our NT scan and blood test and found out we are high risk (1:14) and have decided to just wait and see what happens (because although the numbers are scary at first, it still means a 93% chance of no Down Syndrome, and the other 7% is not such a bad thing when we thought and talked about it a bit more). The neck fold was 2 mm, but the blood work skewed the result. Does anyone know about increased risk for people of African/Caribbean descent? The nurse called me back the next day after quoting a figure of 1:46. She said she had made a mistake and put in Caucasian out of habit (we're in Denmark, after all) and when she re-ran the numbers with African/Caribbean, my risk went from 1:46 (97% fine) to 1:14 (93% fine). The info I found online was sketchy and referred to increased risk of sickle cell anemia (which I am not a carrier for). I was just wondering if anyone has come across this.


Anyway, I am enjoying my pregnancy and the miracle of the life growing inside me. I'm trying to prepare, physically, mentally and emotionally for motherhood. I'm also a bit of a book freak, so I've been reading voraciously and ordering books left right and center!


My belly just popped this morning, at 15 weeks and 1 day. It looks like I'm wearing loose pants to work. Luckily I'm a chef in a cafe, so it's ok. We serve organic vegetarian food, and the owner is a bit of a hippie so it doesn't really matter what I wear!


I've been feeling little flutters off and on for about a week. Feels like when we used to get goldfish from the pet store, and you could feel them fluttering around in the plastic bag on the way home. But in my belly! It's exciting, but looking forward to more distinct movement!


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KrisInDenmark - you've been added! Welcome!

I hadn't heard anything about different ancestry impacting the chances of Downs, but then I honestly hadn't looked in to it. I'll take a peak in some of my books tonight and see if they say anything! Hopefully all goes smoothly for you either way!
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