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first response gold digital

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I'm so confused! I took one this morning and it said no. I was trying to find online how sensitive it is and I read that it's not like some of the other digitals. I read that it reads a regular test strip, that you could use the strip inside as a regular test. So I pulled it apart and there is a faint line, but it's there. Dh even saw it and he's of the opinion if you have to squint, it's not there. So now I'm confused. 


I have no idea when I ovulated, I don't chart. My period is due wed or thurs.

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Do you have a pic of the test strip?


Is it grey or pink?  lines with no pink are usually evap.  Did you pull it apart during the time frame? Did you use FMU?


I don't know anything about this test, but likely the + result would have to be of a certain darkness for the digital to "see" it. . .so maybe it just can't read the faint, faint lines?  


I don't know, but since you don't chart, I'd say wait another couple days and then test again. Good luck!

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I don't have my camera with me, my mom borrowed it. It was kinda pinkish, definitely not just gray. I think my hubby tossed it because he didn't want me obsessing. :) Waiting is so hard!

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So. . .when are you gonna test again?  I'm anxious for you! :)  If it was pink then I'd say it was probably an early +!

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Dollar tree was negative this morning.  It's so weird because I have more symptoms than I did when I was pregnant the last time. Oh well, it would really be best if I lost some weight first.

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I have pulled apart FRG digis both pregnant and not and have always had a line, you can NOT interperet a digital by anything other than what comes up on the screen, sorry.


that isnt to say you ARENT pregnant.. you could be. Just too soon to test (I didnt get a bfp until 13dpo with my now 2 month old daughter and even that was faint! first FRG Digi was positive at 15dpo CBE digi not positive til 17dpo and I had tried a CBE in the same pee as my first FRG positive on 15dpo!)

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I hate threads that never update. I've been waiting for something to update and am still waiting. No period, no positive test. I bought a FRER, negative. I have no idea what's going on.

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What cycle day are you on? When did you O? And FRER Gold is really sensitive. With my youngest child I got a positive on that at 10 dpo with a barely there double pink lines. With digitals there is almost always two lines though. What indicates to the sensor if positive or negative is how dark the second line is. Sorry.

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AF came this morning!

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Sorry about that mama, but at least you are out of limbo-land! GL with future TTC if that's what you're hoping!

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