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Feeling crampier?

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Today I'm feeling much crampier than usual. In fact, I haven't had any cramps for some time now. They feel like they're up high. And kinda just all around. Ugh. I'm at work and this just totally sucks. I've had two c-sections, but if the cramps were from that I would think they'd be down lower. Crampiness makes me paranoid, but I keep trying to reassure myself we saw a heartbeat the last ultrasound, so everything must be okay.

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It sounds like crampiness could be GI related especially since they are up high. I wouldn't worry. I get crampy and I tell myself Im not allowed to worry unless there is bleeding.
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It just might be a GI issue. I didn't eat anything this morning. I felt queasy enough from the prometrium and prenatals so I just said the heck with breakfast, or even a snack. So not smart I guess. After eating a somewhat hearty lunch I feel better.


I'm feeling some cramps down lower, but I think those are stretching. I'll be 8w tomorrow, so things have to start stretching some time I suppose.

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