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still here

can't help to feel disapotine and depresse about this


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I am just popping on to let you ladies know I am still thinking of you.


How are you doing today NCM?


SMusiak, hang in there...it is SO hard but you are so close! Many LVs your way

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I'm checking and sending labor vibe to all of you too!! 


mckittre, I can't wait to hear from you!


NCM, I hope it's tonight for you!!!


smusiak, hopefully it's soon!  hang in there!


melek, i'm sorry that you didn't get an hbac, but i am sooo happy that you had a wonderful, empowering birth!!!!!  i was a few hours behind you.  we had a girl at 5:01am the 29th.  she was born with just dh and i there because after all the start and stop i didn't believe she was actually going to come out!!  she was 8lb 8oz.  thanks for thinking of me! :)


Thinking of everyone still waiting, it's so hard and it will be so amazing when your little one comes out!!  I can't wait to hear everyone's stories!!!

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And we finally named her!!  Her name is Opal Faye.

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Sarah...what a beautiful name!  And thanks so much for the labour vibes...

we had a family chat tonight with the baby and now I'm starting to get crampy again, ate an enormous dinner and had a huge walk followed by a big long nap...good signs are all abound and I'm prepared...come on baby!!!


smusiak - try not to feel too disappointed...some babies just take long to bake!  And I noticed you are in Ontario...I think we have til 43 weeks for a homebirth here...so there is support that natural birth is safe beyond 42 wks with that out there. Hang in there!!!


thanks to everyone for this great support...it really helps to be alongside other mamas in this same place. love.gif

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Way too sleepy to read or type much right now.  But I had my baby girl this morning!  Go 1/1/11!

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Congrats mckittre!!!!


Sarah, I love that name!!! Congratulations on your birth! And I really did have such a wonderful birth. I joke that with my first, I had no labor. This time, I had a full labor (got to zero station with just a lip to push through) but no delivery, so the third time I just *have* to get my hbac right? LOL!!! And what a great story an hba2c will be :)


NCM, sending many, many LVs your way. Come out baby!

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Thanks Melek...last night wasn't the night, but sure am feeling lots of surges this am...I don't usually feel much of anything first thing in the morning, so it's encouraging for sure!

Going to get out and enjoy the fresh snow after a crummy rain melted much of our early season snow...walking the baby down seems to be a good routine for me. 


Yay mckittre!  So wonderful for you.

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My midwife came over a little bit ago to discuss the possibilities of going truly post-dates (past 42 weeks), recommendations, etc.  Still nothing happening over here.

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starshine, smusiak, northcountry - Hang in there and have hope!  It is true that no one is pregnant forever (though I felt differently a couple days ago).


My little Lituya showed up at 42+1.  Her dates were based on an 11 week ultrasound, so should have been fairly accurate.  But despite all that, she was not in the least bit overcooked.  Still had vernix on her, no peeling skin, no calcification of the placenta, no long fingernails, no meconium in the water, etc...  Midwife said she looked just like a 40 weeker (a nearly 10 pound 40 weeker).  I went for the NSTs and BPPs that were suggested (which she passed with flying colors), but I'm really glad I waited and let her pick her own birthday.  She knew best after all. 


I hope your babies pick their birthdays soon!

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I'm 41w 3d today. This is the longest I've ever gone over. 

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41w 1d today here.  Not a single rumble.  Had a breakdown day yesterday toward the evening...just discouraged and hearing all of the negative comments about "aren't you scared?" or "aren't you sick to death of being pregnant?"...then had a good long talk with a good friend and cheered up.  :)  Had an awesome night's sleep, only got up once to pee, slept in...I'm rested and ready!!  Come on, Connor!!   :)

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Love this thread as it is so reassuring to see that the babies do get born!  I am only 5 days over, but just hate hearing about the interventions looming up.  Don't feel like battling anyone (although I will if I have to), just want to be left in peace so I can relax and trust that baby will pop out without fear of problems.  So I am avoiding everyone and just hanging out relaxing (and taking long walks and eating pineapple and enjoying love lol...)  Today would have been a nice day for a birth, it is our 7 year wedding anniversary, and we have such a lovely love story.  Thought I would be 3 weeks early!  Now I am worried that I will be 3 weeks late!

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i can't be the last one

i am still here

nothing nothing nothing

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My water broke this morning!  :)  41w 2d.  Contractions are ramping up...looks like Jan. 4th is the day!  :)

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Still pregnant. Will be 42w on Friday.
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LilMamiBella, mahiisland:  just stopping by to offer encouragement.  I know it was so hard or me to wait until 42+1 seeing seemingly all the other babies born around me.  Your turn will come!

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Just passing on supportive lv's to all of you still waiting ... Hang in there and I really hope you will all be snuggling you little loves soon!!!
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Thanks mamas for your encouragement!  Freaking out a little here.  Just clicked on my weekly email update from Babycenter, first it congratulated me on my 1 week newborn, when I corrected it for 41 weeks it started telling me all about what could be wrong with my baby now and all the interventions I should be rushing in to get.  Royal buggers (is that an acceptable cuss?...)  So I quickly hit close, and logged into here. 


Starting to get nervous.  I get so many practice BH and cramps and then nothing!  Thank goodness for hypnobabies, I keep listening to the affirmations that my body knows what it is doing and is functioning perfectly and baby will chose its birthday.  But I live in a small town and EVERYONE is watching me!  Ii have to keep making public appearances so I don't get too many phone calls.  When people drive by they are apparently checking me out in teh garden to see if I still have a belly and word got around that I had the baby as a neighbor drove past and noticed the light on at 1am!  And my MIL is here, and every noise I make she is all over me "are you alright dear?'...."  As a once-upon-a time tough Alaskan chick I do not like being fussed over!  She even grimaces every time I say "fine" when she asks how I am in the morning lol.  Ah, Ok, just venting....  The good thing is that I have been getting so much free baby stuff it is amazing.  Every neighbor is dropping off loads of clothes and baby items, it is amazing what I have collected.  I am quite anti-consumer so I am delighted.  DH and I figured out that so far we have made a profit with this baby!  Who said kids cost a lot?...


On a positive note, I am stuffing myself on fresh cherries, pounds and pounds every day, there is definitely something good about having swapped hemispheres for this baby event!  Ok, off to milk my sheep again, have been drinking raw milk every day since early pregnancy and still loving it!


Thanks for listening!  Hugs to you LilMamiBella!

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Mahiisland - hang in there...your baby will come and choose it's birthing day when it is ready to join you in your lovely life.   I know how it feels to have once been a tough alaskan chick and not want folks fussing over you. I had that exact same thought process right before my little guy came. 


I say, don't click on those babycentre things anymore and tune into your truest self which will remind you that your baby WILL come and WILL be here when it is totally perfect. 

This last bit is hard, I know...you can do this!

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