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Hard time pumping, what to give 6 mo. old while at work? (xposted)

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I work 2 days/wk, for 4 hours each.  I'm having a hard time getting any more than 2 oz. while I'm pumping.  She is eating a bit of solid foods, but still eagerly drinks a bottle while I'm gone (I'd had a big freezer supply that is almost gone). 

Should I just leave a 2 oz. bottle, and risk her getting really upset when there's no more, or give something else like hemp or coconut milk in addition to a little solid food?


Thanks so much!!

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 A rule of thumb is 1 oz per hour for the time that you are away. But - by 6 months some kids can go 3-4 hours between feedings. SO - I don't think you are doing so bad with 2 ounces if you are only gone 4 hours. You are nursing before you drop her off and again when you come back? DOES she get upset with only 2 ounces? I would try it and see how it goes.


If it were me, in addition to the solid food I would add some formula instead of the coconut milk or some other substitute. But I also wouldn't be concerned about only giving 2 ounces and being gone 4 hours. I figure in a 24 hour period the baby is getting what she needs.

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i'd make sure she isn't overfed






I would leave solids and the 2 oz of milk, and nurse immediately on returning, myself.  Good luck!

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ITA with previous posters. if she is thirsty you could give some water in addition to the solids she is eating, but she may be just fine as you are only gone about 4 hours.


FWIW: I returned to work at  7 weeks PP 2 days a week 8 hours a day. From day one, DS took 2 4-ish oz bottles while I was gone, and depending on his naps, he only did one (in these cases I nursed before I left, he had a mid day bottle, and nursed again when I got home). now that he is a year old, he gets solid food the whole time I am gone, even though I still HAVE a freezer stash, DH just feeds him solid food. he nurses like a fiend when I am home though.


If your DD does need more than 2 oz, can you pump after feedings at home to help build up your stash again?

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I think you need to leave additional bm or formula for her. Hemp or coconut milk are not nutrtionally dense enough for a 6 month old. I understand wanting to avoid formula, I really do, but the other options are not adequate. Formula provides adequate nutrition and her diet should be primarily bm or formula based at this age. Solids + "other" are not enough. I don't really feel like it is fair to not leave a bottle of bm/formula during that period because you don't like what is in the bottle and she might theoretically get by without it. And I don't think is fair to your caregiver, either. 


A 4 oz bottle would probably get you through.  What is your pumping routine? Have you considered adding a pumping session before work, or in the evening, or make it part of your daily routine? If you have time for a single pumping break, what about when you get in your car before you go or in the same place.  I found it easiest to pump first thing in the morning. If you do it everyday your supply will adjust easily and then you will have enough to supplement. You might even have a cushion. You aren't working a lot so it might not be that difficult to get a little more milk with a little more pumping.

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