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DH's Career

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Hello Jamie,


What do you see for my husband regarding his career in 2011?


He's not sure he'll receive a promotion or raise anytime soon. I thought in the meantime he could better himself and exercise his mind by taking classes toward a certification or MBA. Just wanted to get an idea of where he is career wise and where he could go. Hope this makes sense :)


Thank you for your insight and guidance :)



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I was having a hard time connecting. I keep looking for some great big answer; or some news. But what I really sense in all honesty, is that things are going to stay the same for this next year. Hang tight though, b/c I do feel the stirrings of change for him. Things will not really get moving until 2012 and beyond though. As far as 2011 I believe things will just be what they are. He likes his job, I can tell that. I don't really sense any more schooling either. But I do think you are right that he could exercise his mind some more. I'm thinking more hobby style.

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