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Any homeschoolers in Nebraska?

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I am having a hard time finding homeschool groups in South central nebraska... there is one group but they are centered in a different county and few from our area homeschool. My kids are just lonely.

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Hi! I just sent you a pm... We homeschool, although we do not belong to any groups. Are you talking about the Kearney groups?

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We are in Hastings and have a pretty large homeschool community here. We are unschoolers, which is a little hard to connect with like-minded families. It'd be great to find another family into homeschool/unschool and natural things to connect with in the area. I know some families, but we all live so spread apart, it's hard to get together.


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I was talking about the Kearney and Hastings groups. The Kearney group doesn't get together very often... and at the time of my first post, I had been emailing and calling for 4 months to get on the email list. Finally I am on the Kearney list. The Hastings group is a little far (1 hour) and the kids are older and more sports oriented.


My kids are advanced academically for their age, but behind socially. (We are just awkward people i.e. don't have TV, don't care about sports, don't participate in town gossip or drama) I would like them to be in more social situations... but other than church, I have found few people who are conservative, don't bash homeschoolers, don't ask "How will your 10 year old ever find a boyfriend?" and other lovely questions...


Few woman want to get to know me because I am a stay at home mom who bakes her own bread... I make working moms feel bad? There is only 1 stay at home mom that I know of... and she doesn't home school.


Sorry for the rambling...

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We have had a hard time deciding on whether or not to be a part of any "groups". It's tough because I think it can get to the point where its just the same as the socialization they get from going to public schools. We're not into sports either. Or TV for that matter (my DH does watch at night when the children go to bed, but the children don't... Unless it's watching Bob Ross paint). I like to call myself a "Conservative Hippie" :lol. We are Christian, but also very earthy-birthy-nature loving-APing-CDing-UCing family. Yep, I know... We're weird! ;)


It's hard to find anyone we mesh well with. Most of our "Christian" friends are either Sunday Christians or think I'm the devil for not doing XYZ. It's TOUGH.


I do have a good friend, but she lives in Ponca, NE so not close!


I would love to meet other Mama's and their families!

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It is nice to hear about another UC-ing Nebraskan! I have had 2. I can't find any info on the laws... but people try to freak me out about homebirth being illegal. I know CMW are illegal in homebirth settings... do you have any more info or insight on that?


BTW: I am extra crunchy too... I love making my own granola.

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It's illegal for CNMs to attend homebirths in NE, UC is obviously always fine, nothing they can do about that. Having other midwives attend is a-legal as the term has been coined. It's neither illegal but it's neither supported and recognized as an option either.

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I'm in Nebraska! Hi! But, sadly, we're about three hours from Holdredge. We're in North Central Nebraska. But, we're unschoolers too. For us, it's hard to find a secular or even integrated homeschool group.

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I "might" be homeschooling real soon (issues with the school)  I'm in central Nebraska, with two children - Boy age 12 and Girl age 8 (almost) 


My son currently doesn't want to be homeschooled, as he'll miss the interaction with his friends, if things doen't settle at school with a few of their "rules" I will pull him out and contact the parents of the friends to arrange afterschool or weekend get-togethers.

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I see the thread is kinda old but you are welcome to check out my yahoo group.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UnschoolingNE/

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