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Just a hobby?

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Hi Jamie,


I have a bit of a beading hobby and was thinking the other day of all the ways I could expand it into something more. This was very exciting :) Do you see this possibility or is my real talent elsewhere?


Thank you for your guidance and insight.




BTW: My first question to you was about career and you did mention that I would enjoy crafting :D

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Hi Kimberly!

I like your avatar! Good to see a pic. :)


I think beading is great but it is not the end all of your crafting. Although I do think you can do some very interesting things with it that people will love. What I'm seeing involves beads in various way, but I feel it also involves clothes. Resembles embellishing. I can also see key rings.

It is definitely time to expand your creative repertoire. I do see you using tools quite a bit, like cutters and wire. I want you to explore tin crafts as well. This is the first thing that comes up when I googled tin crafts trying to find you an example: http://www.piercedtin.com/doityour.htm.

You can always add beads onto tin items as well.

I think you are going to find a nice little niche and have an Etsy store or something similar. Maybe some small craft shows.

Definitely continue exploring. Your creative self is rearing to make an appearance!! :)

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