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:( EC was great from birth through maybe 9-12 mos range. I'd put the same dry, disposable diaper back on DS all day long. He seemed to prefer pooping in the diaper, but I'd catch most pees & occasionally catch a poop.

Well, then he got to walking & got a mind of his own & didn't want to be bothered to potty. I didn't want to push - I didn't want pottying to be a source of stress & fights, so I backed off a lot.


Now over a year has flown by & we barely do it at all. DS is very verbal, but doesn't even tell us when he poops in his diaper. If we think we smell it and say, "Did you poop?" He almost always lies & says "No."


He doesn't even want to pee in the potty before taking a bath! He'll refuse to sit on the potty or stand in front of it, but then get in the bath tub & pee within the first 5 min.


I re-read some of my book, "Diaper-Free baby" & it seems maybe I have to step back to diaper-free time for him to be 'aware' of elimination again.


But I really don't think it's a lack of "awareness" - I think he just doesn't WANT to eliminate outside a diaper. :( My day care provider has slightly better luck with him using the potty.

Any ideas for next steps here? I'm torn between wanting to feel like I'm DOING SOMETHING - but wanting to "not push it" so, again, it doesn't become a source of stress & arguing.