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Dec '08 check in!

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Hey there mama's! Our babies are turning 2 this month! I remember giving birth to Ds like it was yesterday!

What is everyone up to these days! What are your toddlers doing nowadays?

DS LOVES cars, LOVES chewing gum, and knows how to not swallow it now! Lol he is talking up a storm, we know pretty much everything he says. And we are starting our tantrums...but he is pretty good for the most part!

I am 22weeks pg, due in April, and I thought that being pg with a toddler was going to be harder than this...or maybe I just got lucky? Anyways...I am loving this age...it's fun watching him 'get' things!
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DS was born 12/26. He's also obsessed with cars, trucks, anything with wheels, and loves to color and draw..he's just recently begun exploring drawing on everything besides paper(frustrating!). I'm 19 weeks prego, and it was rough in the first trimester, but we're doing much better now! I'm excited and nervous about having a newborn and a 2.5 year old though! DS just weaned about a month ago and is now sleeping through the night in his own bed. Right before halloween he was cosleeping and nursing all night long, so I call that progress. DH is gone so much I just knew I needed to get the bed to myself and get some good sleep for awhile before starting all over again in April/May. I also can't believe how quickly time has passed. It doesn't seem like 2 years!

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Hey mamas! I posted a thread recently.



I'll c&p from there...

So tell me:

What are you doing for your LO's birthday?

Do they have any toddler obsessions?

Favorite words/phrases?


Feel free to add other questions!


I'll answer my own questions.


What are you doing for your LO's birthday?

We are having a couple of friends over for cake and a very low key party. Just the friends his age that he sees frequently and talks about all the time. We had a similar party for my 4.5 year old when he turned 2, just immediate family, but we are away from family now so our friends are our family!


Do they have any toddler obsessions?

Oh yes. Anything with wheels. He is absolutely in love with trucks of all kinds. He talks about them constantly!


Favorite words/phrases?

When things don't go his way, or something happens, he says "Aww MAN!!" It is hysterical, and despite him saying it a thousand times a day it continues to be funny. Some kids say "uh oh" but mine says "Awww maaaan!!!" I love this stage so much, all of the new words and phrases each day. Having a big brother has certainly influenced him, too. One of his newest words this week was "Dagobah" thanks to brother's Star Wars obsession.


ETA: How are y'all doing with potty learning? DS seems to be randomly interested. He has pooped on the potty 3 times now, but very little pee. I think he understands how to push poop out, but has no idea how to pee on the potty. I'm in no rush, but I certainly see the end of diapers happening sooner than with DS1. I didn't even attempt this early with him, but I'd love to seize the opportunity as soon as I can. I'm getting tired of washing diapers!

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So tell me:


What are you doing for your LO's birthday? We were going to have a small party(2 guests) but his bday is the day after Xmas and my brother is coming into town so I wanted to have the party on a day he would be here. Well it turns out one of the 2 guests we were going to invite can't come, so we decided just to do xmas and bday celebration with IL's on xmas day and do the same thing with my family on DS birthday, the 26th. Simple, presents, homemade coconut flour cake and whatever food my family makes for xmas.


Do they have any toddler obsessions? Cars and trucks, coloring and Yo Gabba Gabba. It's a daily thing!


Favorite words/phrases? Uh oh, what do?(what did you do) Mommy, I want juice. Pease? (please) Ana roo (grammy's car) awrr(draw)


How's potty learning? He's not that interested yet. He sits on it, but has never peed or pooped. I haven't pushed it or actively tried. I don't know how to make it a habit to try without pushing it before their ready..any tips?


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DS is growing up so fast! I'm sure you all know with your LO's.  I just can't believe it's already been two years.  Everyone said it would be fast, but this is ridiculous!  We're talking about #2, but not really trying yet.  DS is still nursing, and doesn't seem ready to wean at all yet, though I have to admit I dream of having my boobs back to myself one of these days...I'd kind of like to at least night wean but haven't really tried at all yet.


Birthday: DS turned 2 on the 8th, and we had a party for him on the 5th.  We did a much bigger party than we initially wanted to, had family and friends with kids to the Children's Museum here in Pittsburgh.  It was great, a ton of fun, but more money than we really wanted to spend and kind of a bigger deal than we wanted to make.  But we couldn't figure out a good way to do a small casual party at home or anything, our house just isn't suited to indoor parties and it's too cold for a cookout!  I have no idea what we'll do next year.  We have a friend with a LO just 3 months older than DS so we're kind of taking birthday cues from them to some extent smile.gif


Toddler Obsessions:  Right now, he just likes to 'help'.  With EVERYTHING.  It's kind of adorable love.gif  Whether it's carrying something, climbing on a stool (tooooool, mama) to do dishes, i.e. splash a lot of water on the floor, or helping my father with his walker (he weasels in between him and the walker and walks in the space there, so funny) that is definitely his big thing right now.  Also anything with wheels, and anything that spins.  We could be out and in the far distance there's a fan of some kind and he'll spot it and point and say 'round, round' because it goes round and round...that's been an obsession of his for months!  He's also very routine obsessed, sort of.  Not really routines, we don't have many which is probably why sleeping/bed is our big awful issue, but once he has done something somewhere, he'll remember it and have to always do it again.  Like going to a friends and remembering that he played with her silicone muffin cups and where they are and immediately wanting them when we go back, or deciding that the only place he's happy reading stories with grammy is on the stairs because they did it there before, so now he goes and sits and pats the step next to him and yells 'mimi' at the top of his lungs for her to come and read to him.  He just cracks me up on a daily basis...


Favorite words/phrases:  He's not doing a lot of phrases yet, just experimenting with putting words together...but recently mama has turned into mommy, out of nowhere....he says 'up me' when he wants to be picked up, which is all of the time.  And he says 'piece' when he wants something or part of something...he also yells it at other random times, sometimes then it seems like maybe its 'peace' and he's asking for amnesty of some kind, lol...he has a shirt with a peace sign and i taught him the hand symbol for peace too, so he always says it and tries to do the sign when we put the shirt on...needless to say we had some confusion when we tried to teach him how to show people he's 2 with this hand lol.gif  And he's started saying 'hold on' a lot which must mean I say it pretty often, oops!


Potty learning: We're kind of struggling with it lately...we quasi just barely part time EC'd, as in we'd stick him on a little baby bjorn potty when we changed his diaper from about 8 or 9 months on and catch occasional pees that way.  Around 17 or 18 months he got interested and starting sometimes telling us when he had to go, and by 20 months he was doing great and probably 75% potty trained!  Then we went on vacation. Totally lost the consistency, even though we took a potty with us.  That was in August, and it's been downhill ever since...he's just gotten more and more disinterested, to the point now that he'll yell no if we ask him if he needs to go or wants to use the potty.  What's crazy is that if he's naked all day he'll use the potty every time, all by himself.  But add pants, or a diaper, or trainers or underwear into the equation, and no dice.  Soooo we're just riding out and going with what he's comfortable with....we use cloth prefolds and have been having some serious ammonia issues lately, I can't figure out if it's him or the diapers, which I've stripped and such.  It just makes me sad to think how close we were back in August!!


Congratulations to both of you on your new LO's on the way!!

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Yep, it goes fast!


Odin's birthday was 12/12 -- last Sunday -- and we didn't have a party for him. We had just finished with his 8-year-old brother's party (born 12/9/02,) so we saved ourselves the trouble and just made him a birthday cake and gave him some presents at home. His favorite thing was going to Build A Bear Workshop, though. He picked out a really soft, woolly dog, and he was instantly attached to him! Fenris (his doggie's name) has slept with us every night since we brought him home. Between that and O's special blanket, our king-sized is getting pretty crowded at night! My older kids are not nearly so attached to objects.


Odin is fascinated by balls and blocks of all sorts. He also loves superheroes, but I think that's primarily his big brother's influence showing.He loves toy cars, but is less interested in the real thing. He loves toy animals, and is deeply interested in the real thing.He worships his big sister and follows her around constantly.I think his ambition in life is to be four like her. His other obsession, unsurprisingly, is the Christmas tree. He just can't bring himself to stop touching it and removing ornaments from the lower branches. It's a good patience exercise for me.


Odin is the least verbal kid we've had. He's actually on the lower end of normal for expressive language at his age, but we put him in speech therapy for a few months over last summer/early fall. (My pediatrician assured me he'll catch up within the next year or so, but in the meantime speech therapy will make my life easier. I think she was right! He was starting to have a lot of tantrums before we put him in therapy.) Anyway, O only recently started combining words into two-word sentences. I bet most of these 12/08 kids are talking in paragraphs by now. His favorite word is his big sister's name. His second-favorite word is "mine." His third favorite word is "uh-oh." I love toddlers, though they drive us insane.


Our speech therapist advised me to put him in a toddler group (like a pre-preschool class that parents attend with the kids) to help him get motivated to talk more by exposing him to a bunch of kids his own age, so he's starting his first organized group activity the first week of January. 


So how are your kids sleeping? Odin had a horrendous sleep regression this week because he was fighting off a cold and he had to wake up and nurse every twenty minutes or so from about 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. This was after he became a cranky terror from about 5 p.m. until he fell asleep at 8. I guess after I got a world-class sleeper like Lydia, I was probably due to get a less enthusiastic one like O. It's a good thing toddlers are so cute!


Also, what are their favorite foods? Odin still prefers fresh produce to any other category of food (except for the boob, of course,) but last night he ate half a baked chicken breast! I kept cutting off a bite or two for him and putting it on his plate; he would eat it and then point at the serving dish and say "Eat!" until I got him some more. I'm so impressed with his eating habits.


Potty training is not remotely on the horizon. When he turned 18 months I got out the potty chair and set it up in the bathroom, but he just puts his toys in it. He's never even sat on it while we were peeing. Maybe next year.


Oh! Congratulations, preggos! I'm glad to hear things are going well so far.



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