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Food Craving this late in the game.

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I've went this entire pregnancy without having any real food cravings.  Lately I have been loving Cracklin'sstillheart.gif, and I mean sit down and eat an entire bag of those delectable fried treats. 


I think it's a southern thing and for those who do not know what I am talking about a cracklin' is deep fried pig skin with a little fat and meat.  I know, I know it has got to be HORRIBLE for you, and probably sounds gross to some, but I can't help myself!  What makes it even worse is that there is a little eatery across the street from where I work that serves them all day! ugh

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LOL, I remember going to NC once and seeing them everywhere. They are served in MD sometimes, not often though.


I started craving greasy hamburgers and guacomole. Not together, but I go back and forth between wanting to only eat those 2 things.

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Thankfully my cheese cravings have abated some, since I'm allergic to the freaking stuff!  eyesroll.gif

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I'll join the fat and animal protein craving club! I have been dying for butter, burgers, cream, avocados, cheese .... but also for watermelon, grapes, lemonade, and oranges. 


I didn't have any cravings at all prior to a couple of weeks ago.

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sign me up for the biggest, rarest slab of dead cow you've ever laid eyes on.


that and apple crisp. god help me.

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Corned beef sandwiches on white bread with mayo, mustard, pickles.....

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it wasn't really a craving but at school yesterday in the cafe I saw a PB&J on white bread that looked divine!  I got it and had some potato chips with it and it was like going to heaven.  Nothing has been sounding good lately so it was odd that I really wanted something and of all things a PB&J with crappy grape jelly and who knows what kind of pb on white bread?!?!?!?!?  But it was so good!


Big Momma

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A tuna sandwich (whole can of tuna), prepared with tons of mayo, and a big 'ol slice of American cheese on 12 grain bread.  Topped with Wickles pickles.  I have one a couple of times a week and just tell myself that it's for the protein.  Nothing else tastes so good.

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I woke up on saturday absolutely needing pepperoni pizza. Luckily we had errands to run on a route that took us right near my favorite pizza place in town. 


I've also been craving butter like crazy. I feel like I put butter on EVERYTHING these days. 


Strangely, I've been craving one of those fancy holiday flavored lattes. In Vancouver, there's a coffee shop on every other corner, and they smell so, so good. But i made the mistake of drinking green tea at a sushi bar a few weeks ago, and baby went NUTS on the caffeine (like, I had to pretty much stay lying down all afternoon, because she was moving so much I felt unsteady on my feet) so that craving has been tempered by fear of what even a decaf latte might do to us...

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Lately it's been Frosted Flakes with milk for me.

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Yeah, I feel like I am back in the first trimester.  I don't remember this resurgence of appetite with my first!  Sometimes I crave something specifically, and sometimes it's just "I NEED MORE FOOD NOW!"  Trying to temper my cravings so I don't gain too much more weight.  I am at 42 lbs up now!!

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I have been eating two or three grapefruits a day.


Also, I think about eating meat constantly.

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I think I want another PB&J!  at least I have good bread, natural pb and no corn syrup jam.  so I think I am going to make one right now!  I have gained a total of 4 lbs this pregnancy so I am not worried about weight gain!


Big Momma

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The cravings haven't ended for me!  I can't get enough red meat (but I know I am anemic, so I'm sure that is why).  We went out to lunch after church last Sunday and I ordered a shredded beef chalupa and just inhaled it.  My husband couldn't believe I ate the entire thing and finished before everyone else!  Usually, I would have taken half of it home.

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