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i never get anything either redface.gif

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Me neither. But DH has two! I'll get my finder's fee. winky.gif

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I finally had money! A whopping 9 cents.


Guess that's better than nothing, but if I mail to mail in the forms the stamp will cost more than the reward!

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Haha 65 cents from an old bank account.  Woo!

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Thanks much. I didn't find anything for myself but by searching a couple of family names I found around $500 for my extended family. Last year I found a few hundred dollars for different people too.

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I have a question.  Dh's deceased mom has $86 on there.  I selected that he is the legal heir, and when it takes me to the next page, do I put in HIS information, or his moms?

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Wow, sweet, I found DH on there!! It doesn't say how much (for anyone) but can't wait to find out! I remember I did this a few years ago and that I found myself on a neighboring state's list because... I think... hmm, I think it was because a previous employer's main offices were out of that state....

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am I doing something wrong?  I can apparently only search unclaimed property?  I know I don't have that?  Where is the money?


Scratch that.. I figured it out like an idiot.  Nothing for us :(

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OMG I found that someone owes my Grandpa $341, wow they could really use that money. Thanks for posting!

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Mine doesn't say how much it's for, but it's wages from my college work study job.  Sweet!

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I hadn't bothered to look at this thread, figuring it's an american thing. But today I clicked and saw they have QC too. Imagine my surprise when I find DH's name on there! Had fingers crossed *Christmas Miracle! Christmas Miracle!* and.... it's for $2.68. lol.gif It's not like we needed the money... but extra unexpected money is fun! 

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My parents are owed $26.77 but no matter how many times I tell them they won't claim it.

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Just found a couple hundred dollars waiting for my hubby!   Thanks for reminding me to check!joy.gif

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I checked a couple months back and had nearly $600 from my last paycheck of a job I had back in 2003.  I moved and forgot to send them my forwarding address and I'd closed my bank account that it would have been direct deposited to (well, I worked for a school and in order to keep paying us over the summer, they kept back part of our monthly income). That money paid for Christmas this year.

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Is anyone else in Maryland? I can't find where on the Maryland site to go to check this out...


ETA: Nevermind, found it right after I asked for help! :P

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