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Anyone get a hb with doppler yet?

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I have an appt with midwife tomorrow. I will be 10w2d and I am wondering if I should ask her to look for a hb with the doppler. I saw the hb at my ultrasound at 7w2d but would really love the reassurance of that hb tomorrow. What do you think the odds are that I will be able to hear it? Afraid that if we try and don't hear it I will be really disappointed. 

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It's pretty rare to hear it that early (though I hear lots from the women on these boards who say they have). I remember going in at 11 weeks when I was pregnant with my daughter, trying to hear it with doppler, and then being worried and disappointed for no reason (they did an ultrasound at that visit just to confirm all was ok--it was an OB) but I'm glad my next midwife appointment isn't until 13 weeks when I have a little better chance of hearing it. We'll give it a shot then.


If you think it would worry you to not hear it, and you don't want to get an ultrasound, then maybe skip it until your next visit? 

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I don't know what the odds are, but I know that they say it doesn't mean anything if you don't hear it before 12 weeks.  With DD, I did hear it at 10 weeks, but I was super skinny back then.  This time around, if I don't hear it I know I will flip out & probably demand an ultrasound.  eyesroll.gif  But not trying isn't an option either.  If I know me, I will probably go into that appointment assuming the worst and if something doesn't change that during the appointment I will leave feeling the same way, whether we try to hear it & fail or don't try at all. 

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I think it's possible to hear it at 10 weeks, but certainly doesn't mean anything if you don't.  Like a PP said, it's totally normal not to hear it until close to 12 weeks or later.  My first appt. is at 11w3d, originally I would have been 11w6d at that appt. and that was as early as they would agree to see me.  I don't really feel like changing the appt. to the following week though since that will be awful close to Christmas.  And at this point, they may not be able to change it anyway.

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I have an appointment at 4 today so I'll let you know. I'm hoping we can hear it. I'm measuring 13-14 weeks already so hopefully there won't be an issue. 

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I'll be interested to hear how it goes for you ladies because my next appt, I will be 9w4d and I'm waffling back and forth between asking the dr to try with the doppler. I do NOT want to tell the kids before we hear/see the heartbeat again and I would love to tell them the week of Christmas.

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I went in last Friday and was 10wks 4 days, we heard a beautiful hb in the 150's on the doppler!!  My midwife told me beforehand that we might not hear it and offered to do a quick u/s if we didn't, maybe your cp would be willing to do something like that.

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i got a heartbeat with the doppler at 9 weeks 5 days. I had an u/s at 9 weeks 6 days and I was amazed that I didn't need an internal - it was surprisingly clear too, could actually see the yolk sac and the arm and leg buds moving. With my previous 2 pregnancies, I needed an internal u/s and I couldn't recognize anything. But that was 13 and 8 years ago.

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I should mention the midwife wasn't sure we'd find the hearbeat so early, so it wouldn't be uncommon not to hear it yet I guess

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My mw found the hb with a doppler before nine weeks (about 8w6d) but it sounds like that is definitely the exception and not the rule. I was really surprised she even offered to try and find it, although she did say there was a very good chance we wouldn't be able to hear it. FWIW, I don't have much abdomenal fat, and that seems to help.

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I have a home Doppler, and I heard this baby for the first time at 8w3d. It's pretty soft, and it's hard to find though. Definitely not just a put the wand to the belly and there it is kind of thing. lol 


Good luck!

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So I rented an at home Doppler and it came today. I spent 10 min looking and no  luck. I am 10w4d today and now freaked out. I know logically I might just not be able to hear it yet but REALLY wanted that reassurance. Going to try and make myself wait another week before trying again. Man I hate this part....

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My midwife tried when I was 10/3 and we couldn't catch it but we did hear the placenta. I'm going back on the 21st and we'll try again then. 

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Ok well I have this pregnancy journal books form each of my pregnancies and realized I have never heard a hb (even when a skilled midwife tried) until 14 weeks. So I am less panicky and prepared to wait a few more weeks till we hear it. 

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Aww- that's why I'm wary about home dopplers- Early on- they can either reassure you or make you crazy! Not hearing a HB can either mean something or nothing- and there's no way to tell which!


That being said- I did have a listen with a borrowed one at 10 weeks, and i could hear the placenta- and i did get little glimpses of the HB, but only for a few seconds, then i would loose it and not be able find it again for a long time. I really had to go into it psyching myself up that i wouldn't hear it- and that would be ok. with my 2 early losses and just stopping my progesterone, i just needed to have a peek. It will be so nice when i can feel the baby move and i can stop worrying about it!

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I rented a home dopplar too. I couldn't hear it the first night I got it, but tried again the next night with a full bladder and that helped!

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Originally Posted by slaggyc View Post

I rented a home dopplar too. I couldn't hear it the first night I got it, but tried again the next night with a full bladder and that helped!

How far along were you? and how umm fluffy are you?

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You make me laugh! :)  I was about 9 1/2 weeks at the time and never lost about 15 pounds from my daughter, so a bit overweight.

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I was 11w2d yesterday and heard the HB- they had a little trouble finding it at first but she had me sorta pull my belly upwards.  HAHA- that sounds so gross.  I have an extra 40 lbs on me....

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WOOO HOOO. Had my 12 week appt today and we very distinctly heard the heartbeat twice for a few seconds. It was really great. I thin I even felt the little bug squirming around while she was trying to get the hb. 

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