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  DD is almost 2.5 and hasn't nursed since I was about 16 weeks pregnant with DS (her idea, not mine). A few times in the last couple of months she has asked to nurse. Then she'll pop on for 0.8 seconds and say she's done. Ok, cool, I figure she just wants to be offered the same as my nurse-round-the-clock DS. Tonight she threw me for a loop asking to nurse then actually :shock nursing. She spent about 5 minutes nursing away in the exact same position she loved to nurse in as a newborn. love.gif The problem was it was quite uncomfortable for me. She kept closing her mouth enough to hurt, not quite bite but close. I tried to explain that she had to keep an open mouth etc and I think she tried but she didn't get it. It never hurt but it was very close.


  Any advice? It could well be a one off but if she plans to make a habit of it I can't have it be so uncomfortable for me.

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I'm in a similar situation. My DS2 who's 2 has been showing an interest in Unweaning since my DS3 (5 months) was born. I'm willing to nurse him, too. The problem is that it seems he's "forgotten" how to nurse! He'll say he wants "Mama's Milk", and he'll lay down with me, but when I bring him to my breast, it's like he doesn't know what to do with it. It frustrates him that no milk is coming out. And he gets sad. greensad.gif


ONE TIME-- several months ago, he asked for "Mama's Milk" while he was asleep!  And he nursed quite well for almost 10 minutes!  Yay!  Unfortunately, he WAS asleep and doesn't remember that. And doesn't seem to remember how to nurse anymore.


So, I'm interested in the responses & advice you get. I hope you don't mind me "hanging around." lurk.gif

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