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Roll Call - Greater St. Louis

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I've met a few fabulous AP moms/families but I *know* there must be more!


I'm Sally, momma to L (4) and K (20 months).  We moved to StL just over a year ago from centrail IL (shoutout to Peoria!).  This summer we moved from South County up and over to West County.  L is my "high needs" child, and K is the polar opposite. ;)  I'm currently a "SAHM" but next month will be returning to school part-time (and L will be attending preschool... eep!)


After spending the past year getting settled, I'm going to be starting the API leadership training and helping the local chapter have some regular meetings (I've lost the subforum rules with the forum re-org, can I announce meetings here?)


(Anyone in West County up for playdates? Even on weekends... DH is an introvert so easiest way for him to get his "balance time" is for us to leave the house, lol!)

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St. Louis Hills here. DP and I are just in the beginning phases of TTC (charting, learning, sifting through donors, reading!), looking to go with donor insem in the summer, but I figured I'd say hi! I'm definitely looking for some family friendly-like minded friends in the area, as we've only been here about a year and most people in our current social circle are not interested in creating a family any time soon. So we feel kinda lonely in this!

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We're living in Fenton, after recently moving from The Hill. LO is 9 months. Sally, what is API?

Finding like-minded mommas makes me happy!

Anyone else?

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oops, I thought I already replied to this!


I live in Affton...SAHM to a three year old boy and 5 year old (on tuesday) girl.


API is attachment parenting international


I know there are a lot of other STL mamas here...I have met them lol


Come out come out wherever you are!

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We're hoping to move from NYC to STL (where I grew up) as soon as DH can find a job there. I'll be lurking to see who's around!  I didn't realize there was an API chapter in St. Louis, how cool!  I met a lot of my best mom friends through the chapter here.  smile.gif

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I'm in North County.  I stay home with my sons, 5 and 21 months.  Can't always make API meetings, but love the mamas I've met through the playgroup.  Always up for meeting new ap families!

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I am in South City near Tower Grove Park. I have a 2 year old daughter and I babysit several preschoolers in my home. I usually attend any play dates in the city that we can get to but rarely leave the city since we use the bus and Metrolink for transportation.

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After 18 months on the road full-time, this family of seven has settled down in the St. Louis area (Cahokia).  I am a stay at home AP, homeschooling mom of 5:  8, 6, 4, 3 & 1.  I'd love to meet other mom's in the area.  Nice to meet you!

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I just saw this! We're a bit past the playdate phase, but Rain and I are here in Dogtown. :)

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I'm in University City, but working full-time. I have a 7 yo and a 9 month old.

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I am in Maryland Heights.  Not quite North County but not West county either!!  Think 270 and 70.  I am a sahm w/3 boys.  My oldest is 5 and we are homeschooling and the twins turn 2 in one week!

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We just moved to St. Louis from Utah YESTERDAY! I am a married Momma whose husband had to stay in Utah for work. We have a 7 year old daughter who is deaf (that's why we moved here!) We are living just south of the hospitals (Children's and Barnes Jewish).

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fairejour--welcome here!  Find your way to Kangaroo Kids sometime, on Tuesdays.


Dar--your post made me smile--also a single unschooling mom here...my 'baby' is 12, but I too have one born in Jan of 93.  We will soon have 18yr olds--seems like a such a big deal to me (but then, it was the year I myself declared freedom and moved out of my parents' house).

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Welcome to STL fairejour!

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 I'll bump this up with a little intro. :)


I'm Michelle, we live on the IL side, but about 30 mins from St. Louis. My husband is in the Air Force and we've been here for about a year and a half now. We are originally from Missouri though, so we're having fun being close to home! 


We have a daughter who will be 7 soon, a son who is about 4 1/2, we lost DS2 when I was 16 weeks pregnant last July, and we're expecting again in July 2011. :)


I'm a stay-at-home-mom and we homeschool. 

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Shrewsbury area checking in. 

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We live in Soulard, and I'm still fairly new to STL. I moved here last August, but DP has been here since 2001. My little man isn't quite at the play date stage yet - he'll be four weeks old tomorrow.

I'd definitely like to meet more STL moms though!
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I'm in the Arnold/Imperial/Fenton area (north Jefferson County), and I grew up here, and have lived here all my life except a few years when I was married to my ex.  I have 6 kids, 2 with my ex and 4 with my dh, ages 12, 8 and 11/12ths ;)  5, 4, 2, and 8 months.  Now that the weather is getting nicer again, it would be fun to meet more local families and make some friends...I have a hard time making mom-friends, and seems like whenever I do...they move to another state shortly thereafter! lol


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I'm in Crestwood with my 3 girls, ages (soon to be) 12, 7, and (soon to be) 4.


Robynne - I also have a hard time making mama friends.  We should hang out, I'd love to move to another state. winky.gif





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