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Hey all!


I am Arkay, and I live in Webster Groves with my husband and three daughters, ages 11(in june) 8, and 4(in june). We cohouse with our friend and her 15 month old daughter. I just got a car after not having one for two years, so I am finding my groove to go places and do things again-I was recently diagnosed with Migraine disease, and I like to avoid loud places like the City Museum as it is too triggering for me-My kids are so high energy that I prefer to go to parks so they can use their bodies and imagination & I don't get overstimulated.


We would also like to start having art playdates and maybe some gardening/mudparty playdates here soon!

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Hi!  I live in St. Charles County, but am just right across the Missouri River in Weldon Spring.  We just moved here from Chicago a year ago and had our twins shortly afterwards so I haven't had the time to meet many people yet.  The girls are coming up on a year and I'm finally ready to come out of hibernation and meet some other moms!  I also have a 4 year old that I'm homeschooling.




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We're in the Wildwood area. 2 boys - ages 2 and 7 months. We're always up for playdates and outside fun time :)

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I am in West County--Ellisville.  My oldest boy is 4 and also have a 7 month old boy. I'm a work from home mom. We would love to meet more like minded AP families. Let me know if you wanna meet up with the kiddos at one of the local parks.

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We live in Kirkwood. I'm very shy myself, but my almost 2 year old son seems to at the point where he's starting to crave interaction with other kids his age. Our big challenge is his long list of allergies, including some (like dairy) where he'll break out in hives if someone touches him with a milky hand or something. We'd be interested in non-food activities with other toddlers.

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Would anyone be up for a weekday playdate sometime next week (the week of May 16th)?  I was thinking it might be fun to meet at the playground at Faust Park if that would work for others.  Here is some info about the park:  http://ww5.stlouisco.com/parks/faust_home.html


Let me know if anyone is interested/available!



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We could do W or Th next week, Faust Park is nice!

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I could probably do W or Th next week too

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Wednesday next week would work great for us... how is mid-morning, maybe around 10:30 or 11? 


Looking forward to meeting some other mamas and kiddos!

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11 is the earliest I could do...probably closer to 11:30 or maybe even 12

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11:30-12 is our lunchtime followed by nap, and I assume there will likely be lots of kid's running around at that time with food (meaning higher risk for my allergic guy), so we won't be able to make it. Faust Park is great, though. Hope you all have fun :)

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It sounds like mid morning isn't going to work out for many people... how about if we shoot for afternoon instead?  Feel free to throw a time out there... we are flexible!

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We could do an after lunch thing too, if that works for more people. Maybe 1:30 or 2?

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That would work for us!

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Originally Posted by IngaAnne View Post

11:30-12 is our lunchtime followed by nap, and I assume there will likely be lots of kid's running around at that time with food (meaning higher risk for my allergic guy), so we won't be able to make it. Faust Park is great, though. Hope you all have fun :)

I feel for you! I have a 4 year old and 1 year old in south county and my oldest has allergies. When she was your son's age we couldn't do anything either. She was way more sensitive when she was younger and at that age she would eat things other kids had or find cheerios on the floor and eat them. It was rough. It has gotten better though! Now that she is 4 almost 5 she knows what makes her sick and she won't go near it. She is also less sensitive now than she was before. She is still highly lactose intolerant, intolerant of wheat and soy and allergic to eggs. We should do a playdate sometime...I bet we could come up with some safe foods for everyone. We would just need a safe place (my house is out...can't do extra kids over with the dogs yet).


We can make it tomorrow though. Look forward to seeing everyone!

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So Wednesday at 1:30ish at Faust Park... right?  We will be there!  I'll be the one pushing a huge double stroller for my twins chasing my crazy 4 year old son :)


If you are coming, please let us know how to recognize you :)

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We will be there about 1:30 as well. I will wear a bright orangish pink shirt.I have a 4 year old girl with curly hair and a one year old girl. We will plan on meeting everyone around the playground if that works for you all. 

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I will shoot for 1:30 too, I'll have my 5 year old and two year old boys. I have short hair and glasses.

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We won't be making it. :( My one year old woke up with a cold. Hopefully we can catch you all another time!

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We will either be at the playground or very close to it on a blanket with the babies.

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