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Early pregnancy symptoms going away?

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I'm 11wks 2 days and during the last week have felt my early symptoms fading away.  It worried me enough last week that I went into my midwifes office and we heard the hb on doppler, that was a huge relief!  I have had two losses this last summer and so I'm alot jumpier than I used to be, also my early symptoms didn't go away until nearly 20 weeks in my last two healthy pregnancies.  Anyone else?  I shouldn't complain about the loss of nausea, but it really did make me feel like everything was ok with baby...

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I think you are now at the point where hcg levels are plateauing and will soon decline somewhat.  I know that with my son, I felt worse when they were rising.  I was sick until 20 weeks, too, but I could definitely feel my levels climbing climbing climbing until 12ish weeks and then it leveled out.  If you've been pregnant a couple times before and dealt with the symptoms, I wonder if maybe you've just gotten used to them and now that they're leveled out, you're able to sort of "ignore" them?

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My nausea and fatigue always end at 12 weeks (only 3 more to go for me - yay as I feel so blech).

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I've run the gamut on early pregnancy symptoms.  With #1 and 2, my early symptoms mostly went away by 12-13 weeks.  With #3, they didn't ease up until after 15-16 weeks and I still felt rough most of the pregnancy.  With #4, symptoms did not ease up until around 14 weeks. This time, I'm just 10w2d and my early pregnancy symptoms are nearly gone.  They've been super mild this time.  I'm not worried about miscarrying (in that, I really don't think I will but if I did I would not be heartbroken), so I guess I'm not too concerned.  I'm actually quite happy that the symptoms have been SO mild this time in comparison to my first 4 pregnancies.  But I can see how it would be a little concerning.  Anyway, all that to say, it can vary so much from baby to baby, I would try to be happy that the symptoms are easing up for you now.  It can be completely normal for them to start to wane near the end of the first trimester.

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I know what you mean. Although we are glad when the nausea is gone and we can finally raise our heads off the pillow, the loss of symptoms seems worrying. Mine typically go away around 14 weeks, starting to decline at 12 weeks. During my third pg I started feeling the baby at the same time my nausea went away. This was the only time I did not worry about miscarriage.

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I'm with you!  I'm 11w2days with my first, so I have nothing to compare it to!   I still go in and out of having good days, and less good days, but overall, I'm taking fewer naps and feeling less wretched in the evening (when I've had the worst time with food and quesiness).  I've had mild symptoms overall compared to lots of first tri mamas, but I'm still glad to be feeling better.  Even a little off makes it hard to get through busy days.   We have our nt scan on Friday, so I'm excited to see this bean and be reassured that s/he is growing away in there :)



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My breast pain while breastfeeding my toddler has decreased (either that or I got used to the pain!) and I am less tired than I was.  I am 10 weeks today.  I am glad the breast pain while breastfeeding has gotten better- makes it much easier.  I am still easily getting grossed out by things and gagging/throwing up as a result though.  Sometimes I feel this symptom is in my head though.  What I mean by that is that I am fine until my brain starts thinking of food/changing my son's diaper/the trash and then I get grossed out and start gagging.  If only I could stop my brain from thinking of these things!

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I feel so much better. I don't know how far along I am. I haven't heard any heartbeat or seen any ultrasounds. Going by my past experiences I think I may be 10 or 11 weeks. I have a dating ultrasound next Thursday and that will be the first "contact" I will have with this bub. Of course now that my symptoms are nearly gone, I start to worry as well and wonder "am I still pregnant?". My husband kindly reminded me that I do this EVERY pregnancy, and not to worry. Glad he remembered.

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I am 10w4d and although i am still naseous and having food aversions I am starting to feel better. I feel less tired/ completely exhausted, less breast pain and and I am having occasional days  where I feel mostly good. It all makes me so nervous. Can't wait to hear this baby's hb. I know I always start to panic around now.

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I know what you mean about the anxiety when symptoms go away. On one hand, I felt like I couldn't take the nausea and vomiting any longer, but as a PAL mama with a recent miscarriage, I ended up getting so scared when they did go away!

Luckily, my symptoms went away around 12 weeks, and I had a dating ultrasound scheduled for 13 weeks, so there was only one week of anxiety.

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i've got to say, this thread gives me hope.  i'm only 7w4d and my nausea lasted until at least 20w with my son, so i've resigned myself to that duration this time around, but now i feel like perhaps i only have a month or 2 (ayyyyy...) left of this all day "morning" sickness.

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I was feeling pretty crappy, and felt like it was my prenatal vitamins. I quit taking them, and felt immediately a lot better. After checking in with my midwives, I'm continuing to not take them, and eat really well, and I generally feel pretty good. I was pretty nauseous all the way till 14 wks with my first, so I've been surprised how much better i feel, and it's created some anxiety, because women all around me have had miscarriages this last year. But I think I'm feeling good and pregnant, and just GRATEFUL that I don't feel so bad. Hopefully everything's OK :)

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I have been feeling nauseous and today I am really crampy.  I am hoping for just gas but it's lower abdomen AND lower back cramps.  I don't have an appt with the MW until the 13th of January.  I will be 8w tomorrow.


I try to remember how I felt pain-wise during the other 3.  It's ironic how my mind blocks it out and/or forgets it all.  I remember the nausea pretty well, but this stuff... I don't know.  Just freaking out.

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Hugs, Reikimama, hope it's just a stomach bug, there's been one going around here...


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