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Week 6 symptoms

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can you believe its week 6 already for the early ones?


Here's mine




Freaky Dreams

a little belly already

can't button my jeans

sore spot on boob

zero tolerance for bull#$%^&*

Kinda horny

sometimes my right hand is shaking, like after a hard workout

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I'm not quite to week six, couple more days, but!

I am exhausted

My boobs are sore


Super cranky

& nothing sounds good to eat! :(

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I am 6w1d today:


Super tired still

Sore boobs, darkening nipples and changing shape of nipples

Some queasiness...not quite nausea

Occational twinge of a cramp

Starting to get more forgetful

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Water in, water out, water in, water out, 24/7


Belly kind of popped out

Breastfeeding starting to get a bit ouchy


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I am actually 7 weeks todayjoy.gif


Tired--really tired

nipples are tender

some queasiness

a bit of a belly

hungry all the time/eating ALL the time

a touch of crankiness

and emotional

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Six weeks 2 days today.


sore boobs

queasiness/wet mouth that comes and goes

nothing sounds good to eat/can't bear the thought of cooking, so i have to eat ready made food, which is invariably junk

bloated, though i think that's just from the junk food

more tired than usual in the evenings

random twinges and cramping

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I'm only 4 1/2 weeks and you can't imagine how nice it is to see that I'm not the only one who is eating all the time. It seems to be all I can think of. I'm usually NOT a big eater so it's distressing me!

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I'm almost 6 weeks, so here goes:

Soooooo tired! I have to nap or at least lie down to get through each day.

Peeing a lot

Hungry all the time

Very sore nipples - makes nursing pretty dang miserable


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I'm 6 weeks tomorrow.  So far it's been relatively easy except my anxiety.  I am worrying about everything.  Other than that, I have cramping on and off, sore boobs (varying degrees) and that's about it.  I get a little nausea if I don't eat, but nothing horrible.  I have been a little tired the last couple days, but I just made an adjustment in thyroid meds so it could be from that.  I have a decreased appetite, but am bloated.  I haven't gained any weight...actually lost 1/2-1lb (not on purpose) because I don't want to eat as much.  I do feel like I'm getting more hungry now though.  In week 4 I couldn't eat hardly anything.  Nothing sounded good and I would get full fast.  Now my regular appetite seems to be coming back, but I'm not hungrier than usual.  No weird cravings either.  We'll see what week 6 brings.



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