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really long Braxton Hicks contractions

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I am 37w 3d and have had BH regularly since 30 weeks.  This is my 3rd child so I am farmiliar with them :)  They come and go and have become stronger and longer and more uncomfortable as I get closer to the end which is good since I was 4cm and fully effaced for a week before giving birth to my last son.  Hopefully I am on the same track this time too.   Anyway, today it was diffrent.  I took the boys to Target to get some stuff and I was getting the usual  BH all morning but at Target they became really long.  I had this tight and heavy feeling almost the whole time I was there.  It was just really weird and I was wondering if anyone else has had this. 

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I had this last night along with serious contractions.  It was almost as if my belly never completely 'let go'.  It stayed tight but then I'd have tighter/more pressure/painful contractions on top.  But I had a hard time timing them because it was like my belly wouldn't ever completely relax...  This is my 3rd baby also.  Not sure what to make of it. 

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I have been having the same feeling. No pain, or real discomfort, just a lot of tightness like a BHX.  It felt like my belly was like that all weekend, but it has calmed down some.

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Same here and #3 for me too!

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Me too!! And this is my 3rd as well....hmmmm could it be a baby #3 thing?? LOL!

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must just be a baby #3 thing.  It seemed to calm down once I got home, had some water and relaxed.  Our bodies have doen this before so I guess they are just doing some serious warming up :)  Hopefully not too much longer.  I am anxious to meet my sweet princess :)

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I'm a FTM and I'm definitely getting these prolonged BH too.  My uterus felt tight, especially on top, for nearly 2 hours last night until I finally fell asleep. Sometimes it was accompanied by cramps lower down but nothing more than a bit uncomfortable.  I had some this morning as well but not nearly as long and now I notice it just every once and a while. I hope I'm warming up too because I am due tomorrow!

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This is exactly how I would describe my sensations...but this is baby #2. headscratch.gif

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i feel so normal reading this post LOL

#4 baby for me

but right with you all

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This is baby number four for me, too. I have not experienced anything like it before. I hope my body isn't prepping too much, DH and my MW have a two hour drive to get to me!

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ddcc i'm only 18+2 weeks at the moment with number 5 and although i'm getting bh everyday not really regular yet but i was at your stage and well before with my last 3 lo's . i think they feel strange and your belly goes like concrete so it's hard to bend over
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DDCC - happens to me too, if i'm active (including walking from the car to the grocery store.. minimally active!) the BH seems to just not want to let go! they're still irregular and apparently my cervix is unchanged (as of last week - it's been happening periodically for a while now). it's really uncomfortable! but apparently in my case it doesn't mean a thing.

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