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Yay! I'm Negative!

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For GBS.  I was worried about getting to the hospital in time and having to have abx. which bug me big time when I'm trying to birth a baby.  Tested neg. this time again (have had 2+ and 2-) so no worries about that!


I also had a bit of a scare with some weird high fluid/less movement.  I had a fluid check and NST and everything checked out- so I'm a bit relieved.  Since I had a loss last time (infant loss due to a birth defect)  I've been a bit more cautious, but I know that every pregnancy is different. 


A weird thing is that I keep losing weight.  Like 4lbs. a week!  Anyone else doing that?  I even measured 2cm SMALLER than last week (still ahead though)- I hope that means the baby has dropped lower!


I would like him to be born in a week at 39 weeks.  Think he'll cooperate?

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LOL i was going to post this in 2mins

so i will join your post LOL


best neg news a mom can get i say

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