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hernia above belly button...ugh

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I have a hernia above my belly button.  Twice now it has bulged out and caused so much pain that I threw up and felt super dizzy/nauseous.  There is nothing they can do about it while I'm still pregnant so I can randomly feel like this at any time now...ugh :(


It happened Thursday night and I threw up in my kitchen and then happened today at work and I had to run to the bathroom and practically push a kid out of the way to make it in time to get my vomit in the toilet.


no fun :(

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Wow, forget the part where I said they can't do anything during pregnancy.  My midwife just called me and she wants me to have a consult with a specialist because apparently the tissue could get stuck and could be life threatening for both me and the baby.  While having an operation during pregnancy is not ideal, it's better than dying! So I guess I better go get this checked out...


She's going to call me back tomorrow with the consult details.  Wish me luck!!

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Wow...good luck. I'll pray for you.


I've never heard of that happening during pregnancy before...

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thinking of you mama...keep us updated.



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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, big (((hug))) mama.

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Thanks ladies, I have a consult tomorrow at 9:45 so we'll see what they say from there.

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I'm wondering how your consult went today!  Hope everything is looking up.

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Yes I was thinking of you this morning...how did it go?

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I'm very frustrated.


So, the dr. from my midwife's office said yes it's a hernia, yes you need surgery, yes let's schedule it at the hospital. They will call you and let you know when.


So i wait all day for the call (which I miss but then catch the voicemail) that they scheduled it for Jan 16! Are you serious?! That is over a month away! Also the dr. told me that it could become life threatening and that if it gets to the point that the pain only gets worse and doesn't stop and i keep vomiting to go to the e.r. and they will do the surgery immediately.


Well, if it is such an emergency why is my surgery being put off so far??? So, I called the hospital and talked to their scheduler person who told me that the scheduler person from my ob office told her that i needed it only with a specific surgeon. so that was the soonest HE could do it but they have plenty of other surgeons that could do it.  But I would have to re call the OB office and have them verfity that yes another dr. could do the surgery.  


So then, I call back my OB office and they redirect my call to a voicemail...helpful.


So i leave the voicemail and wait for the call back, at the very end of the day i get a call saying that yes it's fine for me to see a different surgeon but none of them have any sooner appointments either.




So i'm a ticking time bomb...when my midwife first told me to get this consult it is because she was worried i'd end up in the e.r. on Christmas eve and we'd rather get this taken care of way before then.  I am wondering if there is some other some-what-close hospital I could go to (of course it would depend on insurance too)

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How frustrating!!!  Are there any day surgery centers nearby with a doc that could do it?  Maybe you should just go to the ER

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