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Here is the story of the unassisted birth of my twin girls, born at 36.5 weeks.  Enjoy.




December 4th, my partner and I decided to have sex.  It was great, and right afterwards I lost a bit of mucus plug.  I didn't really think anything of it at the time, since it was normal for me.
December 5th, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. not feeling too great.  Turned out I had a bug, or food poisoning...or something.  But it was not pretty, I was throwing up out of both ends, and my bum was bleeding all day.  Despite how awful I felt, I lost a ton of mucus plug that night, and was getting some contractions.  I told my partner that I'd be mad if I went into labor when I was that sick...I was so exhausted and hadn't eaten anything all day, just drank water.
December 6th, I was able to sleep all night and I felt sooo much better.  I was able to eat all day, and I drank lots of fluids to help me feel better.  I also took a really nice nap.  After I got up from my nap, I continued to sit on the couch for a bit, then I got up to go get something to eat.  As I was standing and eyeing our food stash, I noticed I felt kind of...wet.  I felt myself and I was like, am I leaking amniotic fluid?  I went to the bathroom to check it out.  I sat on the toilet and peed, and right away there was a small *pop*, little bit of fluid, and I literally felt my babies move down.  Still not quite believing it, I continued to sit on the toilet and see if I still leaked after I wiped.  Yep.  I happily informed Jason (partner) that my water had broken, I was almost sure of it.  I later proved it to him by dribbling it all over the carpet...oops.  It was about 8:40 p.m. when my water broke.
While still on the toilet, I started to feel crampy right away, and it felt good to lean back, so I did so, and I called my mom to tell her my water had broken, since she requested to be informed when I went into labor.  I had a gut feeling I would not be in labor long, so that's why I didn't waste much time and just called her anyway.  Right when I started talking to her, I started to get all shaky and anxious...and I realized that I didn't really feel like calling anyone while I was in labor.  So I told her I'd just call her back.
As I was sitting on the couch waiting for my birth pool to fill, contractions started to pick up, and it was not long into my labor that I couldn't talk through them, so Jason began answering my phone for me, at my request.  I did not want to talk to anyone, and as I went further into labor land, I had made the decision that I would not be inviting anyone over, I knew it would only hinder my birth.
While Jason was filling my birth pool, my brother took his kids to their mom's house.  Once the pool was full, I tried to get in, and I took one contraction in the pool.  I hated it, and I never got back in the pool.  I decided that sitting on the couch was the best way for me to labor, and it made the contractions more bearable.  At about 11:30, my mom showed up and let herself in.  I breathlessly told Jason to tell her to go home between contractions.  I was really starting to have to concentrate.  Throughout most of my labor, contractions were less than two minutes apart.  Though sometimes I got lucky and I'd get a lighter contraction after a particularly gripping one.
Jason argued with my mom, her telling him basically about how stupid we are for not going to the hospital, and then she got pissed and left.  She promised she would not do this to me, but maybe she was just angry that she was told I didn't want any company.
After my mom left, contractions started to pick up more.  I had to really concentrate through them, and I began moaning through them, and even yelling through some (at a somewhat low volume, lol).  I rocked my hips from side to side, and it felt great.  It felt the best to lean back through each one especially, slightly to my right, propping myself with my hands and elbows, still sitting on the couch.  Through many contractions, I could not get comfortable and would just kind of flail around.  Between each contraction, I took a sip of water.  Since I was still somewhat recovering from being sick and the contractions were getting pretty strong, I kept feeling nauseous.  The water helped.  But I think I drank too much, because I randomly threw some up on the towel in front of me, which made me sheepishly turn to Jason (who was quietly observing from the loveseat next to me) and say, "Sorry," and "Can you clean that up a bit?"
Once contractions started to become unbearable, I decided I needed a better coping method.  I began to visualize what was happening with my body and I totally relaxed my uterus, cervix, and vagina when I'd get one of these huge contractions.  It actually started to feel much better, and I could now feel my baby's head descending into the birth canal instead of just the crampy pain I was feeling before.  Because I was sitting on the couch, I knew I couldn't push a baby out with the way I was sitting.  So every now and then, I'd stand up and maybe squat a bit, to see how far the baby's head was down.  Each time I did that, I felt more pushy each time.  Then the last time I stood up, I pushed, and I knew it was time to stop sitting on my butt.  I flipped over so I was on my knees, my butt hanging off the couch, to which my body responded with a crazy contraction or two, and made me start to push.  I began groaning loudly as baby number one began her journey through my birth canal.  Jason responded by coming over to take a look, and asking me if I wanted any sort of perineal support.  I told him no.  After a few pushes he goes, Omg, I see the head!  So I thought I might stick my hand down and have a feel, and sure enough, she was crowning.
It was really cute, because Jason kept asking me for direction, and I told him, you'll be fine, you'll do great.  And I continued pushing until half of the head was out, then her whole head, and then one more push, and her body shot out of me.  I immediately heard this tiny little baby cry, and it made me so happy.  I heard Jason talking behind me, saying things like, Omg, and What do I do, and he was just in awe of the whole thing.  But he did such a great job.  He passed her under my legs to me, and I kneeled on the towels in front of the couch and we ooh'd and aww'd at her, and I remember thinking about how tiny she was, and I think I told her that, and I knew right away that she was Jova Lynn (aka Baby B).  She was so alert, just looking around and around!  I also remember Jason asking me if the blood that had come out was normal, and I looked at it and told him reassuringly, yes, it's fine.  He also later told me that she came out with her hand on her face.
Not long after Jova was born, I began rocking my hips back and forth and up and down, to help move the second baby down.  Sure enough, I got another about two contractions, and *pop* went her water.  I then immediately felt the urge to push, and began groaning and pushing her out, while still cradling Jova against my chest.  Jason started getting anxious because I was only a few inches from the ground, and he asked me if I could move up, which I replied with a, "No."  Lol.  But as soon as I felt her crowning, I moved up, and pushed her head out into his hands.  For some reason, it felt like more of her had come out, and I was confused as to why she wasn't sliding out of me, so I reached down and discovered that only her head was out.  Annoyed, I said, "Fuck," and leaned forward and gave another few pushes, and my baby Sunny Jay (aka Baby A) slid out into Daddy's arms crying, along with a shower of amniotic fluid, which made Jason exclaim in surprise.  Both babies were born within 5-8 minutes of each other, around 12:40 a.m. on December 7th.
I then stood up and swung my leg over the cord, and I sat on the end of the couch on a towel, with babies on my chest, covered in a towel.  It was so great.  Sunny was so cheesy with vernix, and I remember laughing and telling her how gross she looked, kissing her at the same time.  We took a look at both babies, and they were pinking up so great.  Then Jason asked about the placenta, and I just said it would come soon enough, and I asked him to go rinse out the placenta bowl.  As he went to do that, I squatted on the towels on the floor to let gravity help ease it out.  Then I realized that it was already coming out...without any help.  I ended up having to hold my placenta in (as well as I could, anyway), and told Jason to hurry up!  He got over just in time to catch it in the bowl, with a bunch of blood.  Ugh, that would have sucked to have dropped it on the towels.  It was huge and slippery.
Since Sunny and Jova's cords were so short, we had quite a time juggling babies and placenta, and decided to cut the cords, so we clamped and cut them, and wrapped the babies in some blankets.  Before we did this, we had called our friends Dustin and Rhoda and told them to come over - we had babies!
About ten minutes later, we heard a knock on the door, and were expecting our friends, but it turned out it was couple of cops.  My mom had called the cops on me.  Great.  We didn't let them in, because I was still naked and babies were still naked, and we had a big bloody mess in front of me (including my placenta in a bowl, lol).  And anyway, I just didn't see a reason to let them in my house.  So Jason went out and dealt with them on the porch.  They explained to him that we're not in any trouble because we hadn't done anything illegal, but that since they received a call, they had no choice but to check things out and call an ambulence.
A few minutes after the cops left, two EMT's arrived, and I decided to let them in just to humor them, and so that they could see for themselves that the babies and I were just fine.  They did look at us (didn't touch us though) and commented that we all three looked great, and one of them commented that homebirth was becoming less uncommon, after they asked us a few questions.  They then left, and I thanked them for their help.  They were very nice.
Then Dustin and Rhoda arrived, and Dustin checked the babies over, and they were both breathing great.  They helped us weigh the babies, first Jova, who was a mere 4 lbs., 2 oz.  Then we were all shocked when Sunny weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 oz.!  They are so vastly different in size, it's crazy.  Even Jova's head is smaller.  We also later measured them, and Jova measured about 17 inches, and Sunny about 18 inches.  Short babies!
My other friends Debbie and Al arrived shortly after Dustin and Rhoda, and Debbie was so nice to give me a bit of a sponge bath.  I had blood all over my legs and feet, and she helped clean up my bloody towel mess.  Everyone helped hold the babies for me while I recovered.  It's a weird feeling to have such a huge uterus, and then suddenly...it's empty!  Plus I was still sort of crampy, and breastfeeding made me more crampy (naturally).  But it was nice to know that both babies latched on well.
Anyway, once I was all comfortable and had things under me to catch blood (I did not hemorrhage at all, btw, I felt great after birth and didn't even nap until 5-6 hours afterwards), and Dustin and Rhoda emptied my birth pool, everyone decided to go home and get some sleep.  I was so grateful to have my friends there to take care of me after the birth, especially since Jason suddenly began feeling ill and had to go to bed.
All in all, it was such an amazing experience.  I had such an easy labor and birth, and perfect babies, I could not have asked for more.  Oh, and I did not tear. :)
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Congratulations! The birth sounds awesome.

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What a wonderful birth! Congratulations!

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lol, so you did beat me! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet babies! You did it and it was a great story to read! I cannot however get over your mother!!! I am so sorry she called the cops on you. Am just glad they came after you birthed and not during.


Way to go Almi, enjoy a lovely milky babymoon :)

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Congrats! blowkiss.gif Enjoy your beautiful babies, Almi hug2.gif  Are you really ticked off at your mom?  I probably would be.

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Congrats!!! My twins had short cords as well and were also just 18.5 inches long ( but weighed a bit). Am glad the cops didn't hassle you further. I would be annoyed at my mom for calling the police though.

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Lovely lovely story . . . except for the part where your mom called the cops on you.  I'm sorry that had to be part of your experience.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!!

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Congrats!!!!! Sounds amazing!!! It actually sounds like you had an easier time birthing twins than I did my singleton! lol.gif



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wow! So totally awesome!!!! congratulations mama!

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beautiful :love  congratulations!

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Such an amazing experience. There is just nothing like UCing twins. My boys are 5 wks old now and I'm still in absolute awe of their birth....and always will be. I love readng other UC stories....and UC twin stories hold a dear place in my heart. Congrats on your sweet babies!! If you have any problems with milk supply take TONS of fenugreek and drink more water than you can ever imagine. It has greatly aided our nursing endeavors!! I had supply issues with our 1st set but not until around 5-6 months and we were able to continue successfully nursing until they weaned at 9. This time supply became an issue at only 3 wks. I upped the fenugreek to an insane amount after asking an herbalist, began tandem nursing at every feeding and increased my water to a gallon a day....yes, it feels like I'm drowning!!!.....and it has done wonders.


Enjoy your babies!!! They don't stay little very long at all. Raising twins is an absolutely amazing journey. You are indeed blessed!

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Congratulations!  What a wonderful birth you were given.

I'm glad everything went so well even though your mom called the cops.  I'm sure she's already sorry she did that.blush.gif

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Great, great story!  I'm sorry your mom phoned the cops.  My mom acted insane during my first UC too.  Congratulations on the birth of your girls.

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beautiful story, congrats on the twins and the UC! joy.gif

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Awesome! Congratulations!
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Congrat's! What an amazing birth story!

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congratulations mama! i loved reading your story, thank you so much for sharing!


enjoy those sweet little ones! 



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What a wonderful story! love.gif Sorry about your mom, what a bummer. greensad.gif

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Congrats mama =) what a wonderful birth you had ! I am homebirthing not ucing my twins but I must say i don't know what I would do without you uc twin mamas I feel like the only positivity and support for birthing twins at home is to be found here amongst you all and I am so thankful for you all and for you sharing your stories with us.

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