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Cnogratulations! Thanks for sharing your story. Welcome little ones!

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Congratulations Almi! joy.gif
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Congrats on your sweet twins, what a wonderful birth!

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Thanks for sharing. That was so beautiful.

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Thanks everyone.  The first week with them as a first-time mother was pretty tough...I cried almost every day because it hurt me so much to have to have one baby screaming while I fed the other, or sometimes they'd both be so upset that they wouldn't feed, and I'd just hold them and cry.  But now we have the feeding issues worked out and Daddy is home on leave, so they hardly ever cry. :)


Thanks for the tip on milk supply, I was actually looking for some tips, because it seems like I can barely keep up.


As far as the cops and such...well, CPS showed up a few days later, my mom actually happened to be at my house helping me clean, and I think she then realized that she made a mistake...at least I hope she did.


But I think I've got them off my back now.  Whew.

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Originally Posted by Almi View Post

 "Sorry," and "Can you clean that up a bit?"

I think your birth story is so beautiful. I'm going to have to make DH read it when he comes home!
and I'm sorry that your mom had to act so immature. I'm glad that the police and EMS were no trouble for you though! Congrats mama!
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Beautiful. Congratulations Mama!

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Thank youuu!


Oh I forgot to add that they weighed Sunny wrong...she was only 5 lbs, 6 oz.  She actually hasn't hit six pounds yet.

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Originally Posted by Almi View Post

Thank youuu!


Oh I forgot to add that they weighed Sunny wrong...she was only 5 lbs, 6 oz.  She actually hasn't hit six pounds yet.

She will grow on mama's milk!

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Oh yes, she's such a glutton.  I'm more worried about her smaller sister, who hasn't hit five pounds yet!


But happily, both babies are growing and eating.  Jova had some problems latching (probably due to maternal stress, in all honesty) in the first week, but I started pumping for her and she has been taking that well.  After a few days I started reintroducing her to the breast, and at first she'd just sit with it in her mouth and fall asleep, but now we are back to breastfeeding!  I'm so happy.  But to avoid any more stress like that, I'm still pumping so dad can do some feedings when they are both hungry (I have tandem nursed them a few times, once my right nipple heals again for good we'll do that some more).  Both babies switch between bottle and breast, no problem, and in fact I think Jova prefers the breast, even though she is an incredibly slow eater.  Lol.


But all in all, I'm just so happy, and our babies are happy! <3

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What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!  Enjoy your little sweeties and get as much rest as you can while daddy is home!!!!

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wow, beautiful!  was this your first labor?  just curious.........sounds like you had it all under control!  way to go and congrats on your babies (love the name jova, btw)!!!

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Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us!

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