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Gift ideas for kids to make for K teacher

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I saw and appreciated the great thread here about gifts for teachers.  But I'm specifically wondering if folks have ideas for things kids can *make* for their teachers (there were a few ideas in the thread I mentioned, but I'm seeking more).  This is for a Kindergarten teacher.


Any suggestions?



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my dd made epsom salt baths in jars, cookie mix in jars and spiced nuts in jars in the three years that she has been in school. 

The teachers loved them every year. We aren't sure on this years plan yet, but we will definitely make it again. She loves being a part of making their gifts. And they adore them!


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I had my dd make a card.  Actually, it was just a piece of paper thanking her for being dd's teacher, decorated by a drawing by dd of the teacher and children.  Although I also attached a gift card to the local teacher shop, which the teacher did very much appreciate, the teacher was thrilled about the card. If it had just been the homemade card, without any monetary expense from me, she would have been almost as happy.


If you child cannot yet write, then how about brainstorming with your child to make a "top ten list" a la David Letterman about why your child loves your teacher.  Then you could either have your child copy it, or you could print it out on regular paper, and have your child decorate it with crayon drawings. 

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My kids bring in cards (and I also donate to the room mom's cash collection for a gift).


DD writes her own card of appreciation - 3rd grade.

DS colored in bubble letters I wrote out saying "Happy Holidays."  He dictated a short note, and then wrote "Love, <Name>" - preK


I'm a college professor, and I will always save the handwritten thank you notes I've gotten from students.  Gifts and tokens are certainly appreciated, but the hand-written note totally tops the box of chocolates.

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Last year we made these chocolate mice.  They were so very cute and easy for the kids to do themselves, we are making them again this year.  It's just a token handmade by the kids gift, we also give a gift card to Barnes and Noble. However our boxes aren't nearly as adorable!
In other years we've made bath salts (I bought a kit at Micheal's) and Russian tea mix.
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I didn't see the other thread so maybe this was on there. DS has made potholders the last two years for his teachers. I don't know if he'll manage it this year because it is a fair amount of work. But I think the teachers have loved getting them. It is a zero calorie gift (something I always like!) and they are really pretty. Plus, DS likes making them.

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