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Gender Guessing

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I thought it would be fun if all the moms here post the hunch they have about the baby's gender. So often I have heard mothers just know. I would love to find out if a majority really knows or if the chances are the same as pure guessing.


Once I had gone through a girl and a boy pregnancy, I was sure my third was a boy. And I was right.

This time I have boy symptoms again and although a girl would be nice for a change I am thinking



 BOY  (and I was 100% right!)



What about you?

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I have no idea.  I've had 2 boys, so it's hard to imagine anything else.  I can think of reasons why I honestly really really want another boy, and why I really really want a girl!  So, I'll be totally thrilled either way at the birth smile.gif


DH predicted boy with my last pregnancy, at 5 weeks.  This time he says girl.  I have ZERO intuition.  Only bloat ROTFLMAO.gif


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I have no guess either. I keep trying to pay attention to the pronoun I use to describe the baby when I'm not thinking about it, but I switch back and forth between He and She. Maybe I'll have an opinion later on. Or maybe it's fraternal twins. Who knows :)


DH thinks it's a girl. He's 100% positive of it. This is our first and I think he just wants a daughter to dote on :)

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I think I'm having a girl! God knows the desire's of your heart and I do desire a girl! :D

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With my first I KNEW it was a boy - and it was. With my second I KNEW it was a girl, I even bought girls things. Then it wasn't!!


I suspect this one is a boy, but I've learned I can be really wrong :lol:


I'm thinking I don't want to find out the gender before hand this time, but I'm not a patient person, so we'll see!

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I have 3 boys. I really thought the 2nd was a girl. This time I a assuming boy again since we have 3 already. I know this is my last baby and I would really like it to be a girl (and everyone keeps saying it is a girl) but I would be perfectly happy to have 4 boys. My dh wants another boy. We don't find out gender so it will be  long wait...

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With my first, I didn't really have any feeling about it, but wasn't really surprised when I found out she was a girl.  My second I was sure was a boy, but we had girl.  My third I was convinced was a girl (based on my chart and the timing of bd, 4 days before o), he is a boy!  With my fourth I was sure I was having a girl, as the pregnancy was much more like my girl pregnancies, he's a boy:).  This time I'm thinking boy, based on my chart, so we shall see.  There is a chiropractor/accupuncturist in town that has correctly predicted each of my last three kids, she says she can tell by feeling my pulse and that she can feel the babies as well, anyway, I'm scheduled to see her next week.

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Through all my pregnancies (not including one that was an early miscarriage), I have been totally certain in my gut of gender of the babies.  And I have yet to be wrong. I am convinced without a doubt that this is a girl.  Wow, am I going to feel foolish if its a boy! 

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We have three daughters we truly adore. I'm lost on what this one is. The only one I have guessed right was our second and it was just joking then. I really have no clue with any, but with the last one I was totally set on it was a boy and she was all girl. So who knows. I'm assuming this one will be a girl since it seems as though we're "girl producers," but a boy would be nice too. We don't really care as long as the baby's healthy.

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We haven't found out until birth with any of our kids so it's a lot of fun to try and guess. With DS we just knew he was a boy, didn't even pick out a girl name. With DD the ultrasound tech slipped and said "son" at the end of the ultrasound. We pretended like we didn't hear it and planned for either, deep down I knew we needed to have some girl names on hand. I was shocked when I looked down and saw girl parts after she was born. This time around I'm not really sure, I'll be happy with either as always.

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We have 2 DD's and w/DD#2 we didn't find out the sex, I had a hunch she was a she, DD#1 knew it was a she...we also had a weird incident at my baby shower...


The cake was ordered by my sister, i didn't know what it would be except it matched the theme (pea in a pod, greens/yellows). It turned out to be a lovely cake with a baby tucked in a blanket of frosting. When we were prepping to cut the cake I pulled the baby out of the frosting, revealing it's PINK outfit jaw2.gif. My sis was guessing a boy so I know she didn't order it on purpose! Everyone was convinced it was a sign, and we would have a girl..which we did. The ultrasound tech also accidentally mentioned "she" once during one of my NST's towards the end of the pregnancy (ordered because our LO was tachychardic).


My only reasoning for guessing boy is how different this pregnancy is (nausea, lack of VERY tender boobs, exhaustion, etc).


As PP's stated above I'll be happiest w/a healthy LO to add to the mix, boy or girl. And as with out last pregnancy, we will NOT be finding out the sex. It's the best suprise in the world! love.gif

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I don't get hunches about these things, but I'm going say BOY based solely on timing, even though I know people say Shettles has been discounted.  =D


Perfection would be twins, though.  Boy boy or boy girl.  I really would love for my little guy to have a brother, and I'd love to have three kids, but I do not do pregnancy well!

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I am SO MUCH sicker this time than I was with my first pregnancy, and I hear that can indicate a boy?  Suffice to say, I hope not!  I sorta wanted another daughter.  We're mostly girls in my family, and DD would love a sister... so I am gonna guess GIRL just because it's what I'm crossing my fingers for!

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If I had to say, I'd say boy at this moment because I am constantly nauseous as I was with my first two dc (both boys) but not constantly throwing up as I was with my 3rd (my dd). I'd kind of like a girl because it would make it easier for room sharing and clothing hand-me-downs. I'll be thrilled with either, though!

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I'm feeling GIRL mostly because of when I ovulated in relation to when we DTD but also because I had a dream I was looking down and holding pink baby shoes next to a really big belly. I' completely thrilled either way. My daughter will have a sister and I have another sweet girl, or I can have that special boy relationship I have heard about and my DD gets a baby brother. She has no desire either way either. She just keeps saying, "you never know what you're gonna get"!.  :)

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I am thinking GIRL this time. I would love to have alittle girl but I think DS having a little brother would be so cool. I felt boy with DS so I am hoping to be correct. I am not patient so this wait is tough!

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I'm thinking girl (based mostly off symptoms and intiution), but wanting another boy.  Everyone is like "Oooh you need to have a girl!!!"  but I think having two boys would be really fun.  However, I also think that a little girl would be great for my husband.  My son is such a mama's boy, that it would be nice for DH to have a daddy's girl.  Either way - I'll be happy. 

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I don't know. Despite the fact I am incredibly in tune with my body, I have never known the gender ahead of time. Never had any intuition. Nothing. I'll take a shot at it though, now that I have a little experience under my belt having had 2 girls and 1 boy. My symptoms are strangely similar to the ones I had with my girls, so I'll just throw it out there and say GIRL

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I'm going with "girl."  I had a really vivid dream that I was holding a brand new baby girl, and my nausea this time around is markedly different than it was with my son.


When I was pregnant with my son, I had a dream where I saw him as a grown man coming home to visit from college for Thanksgiving.  So I wasn't surprised at all when the u/s tech said he was a boy.  I also somehow knew he'd be "big and early," and he was a 34-weeker who weighed almost 6 pounds.  Go figure.


As a statistician, though, I'm still willing to ascribe the gender stuff at least to 50/50 chance.

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With DS, I knew he was going to be a boy.  I always referred to him as "he," in all my dreams, he was a boy, we could only agree on boy names, etc.  This time, my intuition isn't as strong.  We can only agree on girl names, and DH & I have both been referring to the baby as a "she," and according to the timing of BDing & O, it *should* be a girl, but in all my dreams, it's been a boy, so I guess time will tell!  But if I had to guess, I'd probably say girl.

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