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UC in Florida questions

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Anyone who has had a UC in Florida how did you go about getting the birth certificate and getting the newborn screening done and is there anything else I need to know about Florida laws if having a UC? Thanks

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I didn't have a UC, but my mw had a mix up and so I had to get the BC as if I had done a UC.  You need to go into the health dept of the county of birth and fill out the giant yellow form. You need 2-3 proofs of pregnancy with edd... (I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 6 years later) for me I actually had ds1's ped who happened to jot down in his file that I was 12 wks pg during a random visit I'd had which would enable them to extrapolate my edd. I also had my friend who photographed the birth write a letter saying she saw it happen and have that letter notarized. My mom wrote a letter also saying she saw me pregnant the day before and not pregnant, holding the baby the next day. (duh) The health dept told me they just need proof that you were actually pregnant and that the baby you are claiming to be yours came from your body. Simple enough.  I would also think that depending on your situation if you are planning UC from the get go, you could use a pregnancy test from planned parenthood or some other clinic like that as one of your proofs, even if you don't have prenatal care. Those records would count towards your proof as well, but I couldn't locate my mw at the time so I didn't have records to show either. 


I took the baby to the ped within 3 days (born Saturday, went Monday). The ped can do the PKU if you want it although for me at the time, I was still in contact with my mw who did it for me.


The BC was not a big deal at ALL. I was really surprised. I actually had more hassle waiting at the social security office to get the paperwork filed for the SSN so I could do taxes than I did with the birth certificate. We wound up having to file an extension that year because we couldn't claim dd on our taxes without the ssn and the birth certificate hadn't "cleared" in the system in time for them to issue us a number.  


Who wants the info? I know its not you... ;)

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No, lol, someone asked me about it from another group. Do we know each other?

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