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I think we've settled on a name! I think. Middle name?!!

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Every single pregnancy I think 'oh, we'll see him/her and know what to call them.' Wrong! I give birth and I can't even remember my own name, lol!


So after going around and around with what fits with the other kids names, or preferences and my last name, plus a little help from nymbler (who kept suggesting this one over.and.over)....


I think we'll just go with Francis, boy or girl. Frankie for a nickname with a girl, boy can just keep Francis, cause I think it's handsome! Or be Frank, which dh said we were doing from the git-go. Sigh. I gave him two glasses of Scotch and introduced Oscar and Hazel, he was somewhat unmoved.


Now I need help with a middle name, which we just chose on a whim.


We've got-

Cecilia Anne

Carl William

Vivian Rae

Francis _________


I think Mark with a boy (that's my dads middle name, sounds good with McNair) but I'm stumped for a girl!


One of Greg's favorite aunties was Jane and she just passed away.... also I'd love to honor my original mw and my fave great-grandma with Ruth, but there is nothing pretty about Francis Ruth, unless she is born a 6 foot toothpick sized model who can pull off a name like that!


I still love Reid for boy or girl. Maybe I need to try three glasses of Scotch. Or should it be Reed?


And spelling Francis- nymbler (credible source, I know, I know) says 'Francis' for boy or girl, which I like the spelling best, but isn't the boy Francis and girl Frances?!


Give me your opinions, I'll take 'em all!!!

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I love Francis! Boy or girl, it's a great name. I think these days you can pick whichever spelling you want for a girl. People are much more lax in their expectations for names, kwim?


Middle names for a girl Francis..




Rune (combines Jane and Ruth, sort of???)


DS is squirrley right now so I need to go, but that's a start anyway

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Sorry I'm kind of butting in but I can't resist when it comes to names!

I do like Francis/Frances a lot. It reminds me of Dirty Dancing and dh's grandma Frances.

I'm pretty sure the girl version is spelled Frances. I would stick with that if it were me. You can look it up on nameberry.com for some credible input.

The first middle name I thought of was June, which is pretty close to Jane, which I also love. Katherine would also be nice.

For a boy I like Andrew and Michael. There are lots of good choices, though.

Good luck deciding!
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We were thinking of Francis for a boy.... We are Catholic and St Francis is way cool... but we are having a girl...

Anyways its def Francis for boy and Frances for girl... I would do Frances if you are having a girl.... If you spell it Francis... people will think she is a boy as you can't tell  Say her name would be Francis Smith. I would automatically assume that is a boy.

Have you ever seen the kids books about the skunk named Frances? Cute books about a girl skunk named Frances.

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Singforever- I want name input or I wouldn't put it out there!! orngbiggrin.gif I really like Frances June. Too bad she's coming in April and I can hear dh having a field day on that one! I tried for August for a boy--- but since it's April that's OUT! And thanks for giving me the credible skinny on Frances. You are right!!!


Kmama2- dh wanted all the kids to have saint names, but we really wanted Carl to be Carl for dh's grandpa- not Charles as he should have been for the Saint name. We have Cecilia, of course love.gif and then Vivian is a saint name... but a mans. Greg likes Francis for the Saint factor and he's already admitted Frances would be 'close enough' since we've already deviated, lol. We live in Catholic town USA and dh & my mom are catholic... actually everyone is around here 'cept me, and I figure I'm 'catholic-by-association' at this point.


and we have all the Frances books- duh, you'd think I would have just pulled that off the shelf and looked at it!


Allison- love Marie for a middle name but unfortunately I gave all my pets middle names growing up (and called them by it eyesroll.gif ) so Marie will always be for Ginger Marie- my Rott-n-Retriever. RIP, best dog ever!! Rune is way cool, though!!

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