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Ugh, baby and I both have colds, and it's my second since she was born.  greensad.gif  Downside to having a winter baby I guess.  Poor girl has a stuffy nose, and I've got a cough. On the plus side I got a bunch of Chrsitmas shopping done yesterday...thank goodness for Amazon and super saver shipping!  All the out of town relatives are getting books, lol. 


Well, time for a cough drop and to nurse.  It's going to be a looong day.

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How did my newborn turn into a one month old baby????  She was 10pounds, 3 ounces at her check up this morning.  That gives her a gain of 18 ounces in 11 days which, of course, the doctor thought was great.  I keep thinking that she looks little, though, since my other 2 gained even faster.  We've made plans to have her baptized on the 19th and I thought that she's be able to wear this cute little red outfit that a friend gave me, but it's a 3 to 6 month, so I'm not sure.  But I don't want to buy a small outfit and have it not fit.  Sigh.  Baby fashions - much more exciting than mommy fashions.  I'm back to all my prepregnancy clothes and I'm a little depressed about that - surely some of this fat is baby fat and not my own? 

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I haven't read everything in the thread yet... but wanted to comment on a few things and I have a question of my own. :)


STTN, both my girls slept in 6 hour stretches for the first few weeks. Sage would sleep from 11-5, it was crazy because my boys nursed all night long. We slept through the nursing, lol, but they still did... Marah is similar to Sage in her eating habits.


Spit up, I have a very forceful letdown and oversupply... Marah has a heck of a time keeping up and is often urpy. She has had a few incidents on my left breast where my letdown reflex has actually triggered her gag reflex and she's vomited profusely!! All of my babes were spitters though... so to me it's more a laundry issue than a real concern. :)


Anybody elses babe not poop daily?? Marah really has never pooped daily, when she did it was one big explosion instead of a bunch of little ones. Now she's spaced herself out to every 4-5 days... this happened with my other nurslings but usually after they were 2 mos old not fresh babes. She is growing, pees lots and lots, seems relatively happy not in pain or overly gassy... though the day before she poops she does fart more. She eats well... I don't count how often because there hasn't seemed to be a reason to keep track. I can hear her guzzling, keeping up with my letdown and see lots of milk dribbling out of her mouth after a feed. So I'm more than certain she's getting enough. Oh... and when she goes it seems normal color, not overly 'seedy/curdy' but still in the realm of what I consider normal.


I miss you all... I've been rather busy the past few days. I pop in to read but feel I hardly have time to post, naking isn't overly easy for us yet. I still have to hold my boob for her, lol.

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Nic-my older DD pooped on a once or twice a week basis from the very beginning and that went on until she started solids.  Made diaper washing easy for the most part but I had to get used to the gigantic poo explosions, lol.  Somehow she always managed them when we were out of the house.  So far DD2 is a little more regular, sometimes it's every day, sometimes it's every few days.  I've never been overly worried about it since everything else seems normal.

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I figured it was normal along with everything else seeming normal, too... like I said my bigs did the same thing it just wasn't right away. I can remember panicking when my first nursling did that to me. I really thought something was terribly wrong, he was constipated and used suppositories a few times with him... but there really wasn't a problem and when my second nursling did the same and then my first daughter I just take it as they are using all of my milk to grow. No waste :) It is nice on the dipes... I'll appreciate it when I'm using cloth. I'm still being lazy, my laundry is out of control... I really should be doing that right now. Instead I'm sitting on the couch, snuggling with the babe... being totally lazy. lol



I'm so ready for this lochia to go away... I actually started bleeding harder today than I have in 2 weeks. WTF? It was pretty much gone but every time I go padless it starts up again... I'm having issues wearing any pads right now because they all rub on my stitches, so when it started up today I just said eff it and put a chux pad under me. (I'm wearing black yoga capris) I think my stitches need some air to heal, my poor perineum is seriously jacked up right now and so uncomfortable... I have never taken this long to physically heal from a birth.. or at least I wasn't still in this kind of discomfort. :/ With my 2nd and 3rd I was dtd by this point...

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Nic, I'm so sorry you're still dealing with stitches! Ugh! greensad.gif That was the worst part of my recovery and by about a week it stopped getting worse and started getting better. My MW suggested I was probably allergic to the sutures used (not ones she typically uses but pulled out by the assistant). Pretty much all pads irritated mine, too. My brain is mush but I'm thinking you had a lot more to start with. That just sounds awful to still be dealing with. greensad.gif Oh! ETA - do you have any EMAB mama bottom balm? That stuff is really good for stitches and such! When mine were bad, I'd wad up some toilet paper and dab it in the balm, then dab that on the stitches. It hurt a lot more to touch with fingers (and freaked me out, too) but the TP thing worked well enough. I used some of the balm today for sudden pain that felt almost like a skin split again (not related to the stitches) and it hasn't hurt since. Perhaps it'll help boost your healing a bit?

I think sitting on the couch snuggling a baby sounds like just the right thing to do! *Especially* when your body is telling you it needs to heal. I told my MW I felt like I was being lazy sitting on the couch and having my boys do pretty much everything. We've gotten a bunch of laundry done in the last couple of weeks (not nearly all but almost all of *theirs* - whew!) only because I've had them do just about *everything!* I help with sorting and hanging shirts, but they have gotten it out of their room, sorted into lights/darks, put it in the washer, added detergent and turned it on (I've done that some), moved it from washer to dryer, moved from dryer to couch, sorted out non-hanging items, sorted those into personal piles, and put it all away. And I'm kinda really proud of myself for teaching them how to do all of it at only 6 and 8. I feel like when they're teens - or at least grown men! - they'll know how to do laundry. lol.gif

Anyway, my MW was admonishing me about feeling lazy. I totally and absolutely know (as does she, as we laughed about) how impossible it is to do *nothing* these days. But it needs to really, truly be okay to do as little as possible. Focusing on recovery should be high on our lists. I'm sure it's not for most of us (me included!) but she has told me before and told me again that healing won't happen without taking time to rest and recuperate. Better to do it now than never *quite* get back to "normal." So, perhaps it's better to banish the thought of being lazy and instead think of it as "working to get better?" thumb.gif

I'm tending to sit around as much as possible during the day and then scurry around to do a few things at night. So I've just baked cookies (not from scratch, but at least they're all natural!) for the kids' musical after-party tomorrow, moved and folded Eliana's laundry and diapers, and washed a platter to take the cookies on. I've managed to do a few things online that I needed to do, and am hoping to start writing thank you notes. (I'm *terrible* at getting them done but really want to!) Of course, it's 1:30am and I need to have the kids at dress rehearsal at 9:30 (or earlier) and I'm exhausted. And I didn't really take it easy today (installed a couple of car seats, wrangled the kids for our Christmas pictures, washed diapers, bathed 3yo, took big boys for haircuts, etc.). eyesroll.gif

At least Eliana is asleep already! She seems to be down for the night. Whew. The last two nights, she was up and fussy until 3am. Last night, I finally just took her to nurse in the bed and hoped she'd fall asleep and stay asleep there. Very unlike her. Today, the mucous in her diapers is back. greensad.gif I'm guessing it's all related. I'm sure I said I'd start a food diary to try to track it and I haven't done it... But I did have DH get some acidophilus capsules and gave her some of the powder tonight. I'm hoping that will help. My MW says there are studies in mainline medicine showing a 70% reduction (I think that's the number - it was big) in crying in babies who were given acidophilus versus those who weren't. She thinks it's likely to become standard practice to give it to them in the next couple of years. While Eliana isn't super fussy in general, I'm really hoping it'll help her tummy!

On STTN - the other night I did try to pay attention and she slept over 5 hours!! joy.gif That's officially STTN which is just freakishly amazing to me. She's not even 4 weeks old!! I know it'll vary - and that wasn't really a "good" night, either. She was rather wakeful when she woke at 8:20 (having gone to sleep around 3am) and then... oh, wait, I don't remember what happened after that. headscratch.gif

She's definitely not nursing as much at night as I think she should. She latches on long enough to fall asleep again, basically. I'm hoping that's good but it's not a typical behavior for a tiny baby in my own experience. But, my own have never slept this well, so I'll take it and see what happens. thumb.gif

We did official Christmas pictures this afternoon/evening and I *think* we got some that will be good. Which is nice, 'cause DH shot 390 images - 3gb worth of shots. lol.gif Granted, some of those were test shots, but still! You wouldn't think it would be so hard to get 4 elements aligned all at once. All they have to do is be still, smile (hopefully naturally), and look at the camera! We have a zillion shots that are *almost* good, where two of the three boys are looking great and the third looks absurd. Thankfully, Eliana was very cooperative and slept the whole time. love.gif We got some sweet shots of just her, too. I am wishing they were on my computer so I could look at them again and share them, too. Must wait for DH!
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Heather, is your dh a photographer? I somehow never notice the obvious to others so please over look me if that is a stupid question.blush.gif

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lol.gif And I can never remember who knows what and where more context is needed! smile.gif He's a semi-pro photographer. In other words, it's a very serious and expensive hobby that I wish made him more money. winky.gif
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Heather... thanks for the nice words and telling me it's ok to be 'lazy' while I'm healing. I think I definitely needed to hear that. I've been trying to take it easy but I'm also feeling rather stir crazy being cooped up in the house so much... with so many children :) I'm sure I'm not the only one. Most of the time I feel great... it's just the stitches and a tender perineum. If that wasn't there I'd only know I had just given birth by the odd achy sensations in my hip and pelvic bones... ahh well.


Anybody else having issues pooping? I'm sure this is totally tmi and not something everybody wants to talk about so skip it if you feel the need... but I'm averaging a bowel movement like once a week so far. I don't have the urge to go, I'm not uncomfortable either... and while I've never been a daily poop-er I have also not typically gone this long between. Though I suppose there have been times that I have. I'm thinking part of it is psychological.... I don't want to relax and open up to go... also the stitches/perineum but really it doesn't hurt when I go and I'm not really afraid of ripping anything in that vicinity. I think the doctor did something to my rectocele because it's not there anymore, bulging out when I go so maybe that has something to do with it?? and also with how long I'm taking to heal?? bah.. I don't know. and I likely never will because there is just no way in hell I can go back to that doctor. :/


Another question I wanted to ask... anybody using a pacifier? Marah has a period in the evening that she cries and cries. This is normal and I'm not overly worried about it. She desperately wants to suck.... but does not want to nurse. Refuses the breast, gets mad if she does take it because of the milk, etc. I went through this with my first daughter... I used a pacifier with her, too. I only used it when she was crying so hard and nothing would calm her and I didn't use it first thing because I would rather try to 'naturally' soothe her in other ways first. Anyway... Marah will take the pacifier and settle into sleep for the evening, usually waking to nurse shortly after she falls asleep... what a difference a week (or so) makes though. When I first tried the pacifier it changed her latch and I didn't want to mess with that so I didn't try it for awhile but last night she was so upset and I was desperate and she was able to go back and forth from paci to breast with no issues at all. Once she outgrows the evening fussies she'll likely outgrow the need for the pacifier... that's what happened with my Sage.


I'm chatty tonight... and everyone here is either asleep or in their rooms, lol. Marah is conked out in my lap... I should go to bed soon.

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haha.. I just realized I posted about two separate poop issues in the weekly... I guess I'm poop obsessed right now. LOL

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Must sleep and computer is about to shut down but, yes, started using a pacifier as needed... She is taking it some in the car which is good. She has been really fussy at times in the car and having no options is NOT good. greensad.gif Not sure we have the best pacifier for her right now, but I do like that it's a natural rubber one (Natursutten).

Anyway, gotta shut down... But here's a pic of my FOUR WEEK OLD!! Whaaa... I'm so sad that it's been 4 weeks already! greensad.gif

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Heather-that pic is amazing! I wish we had a good photographer around here. And yes, I am also sad it's already been 5 weeks for me. Time is passing too fast! greensad.gif

Nic-my LO takes a pacifier rarely but when she's in the same mood-wanting to suck but pissed at the milk when her tummy hurts.
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Heather, what an awesome pic!


Paci - yep, in the car and when ticked at the milk.  Wish she could figure out how to keep it in, though.


nak - yippee!

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Heather, what an awesome photo!  We are booking a session with a friend for early next year sometime. We were hoping to get a 'Family of 4' photo done for Christmas cards, but it hasn't happened yet.


Julie - I somehow missed that you are using Nystatin cream. I don't know anything about it, but I should think clotrimozole cream on top of that would be overkill. I hope it's working for yoU!


I haven't gotten Paige to take a paci yet, but I'm thinking about it. We have one of the natural rubber ones, too. She has such a shallow latch on my right - unless I pay really close attention when latching her on that side it HURTS. Even afterwards :(  Left is no problem.  She can be sucky when she's fussy, and she accepts a pinky finger readily enough, but then that immobilizes whoever is holding her!


Speaking of holding, I got her on my back this morning, using the high back carry from the Kozy Carrier website (scroll down to almost the bottom). I tried it the other day and couldn't do it, but this morning it worked, and I was able to bake cookies with DS while DD slept on my back. She's still there, too!  I'm about to take her out, though.


We are off this afternoon to a party with local MDC families. So looking forward to seeing everyone!  I wish I could take all of you with me, esp. those of you that don't have like-minded friends near by.

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Nic- it's poop talk all the time around my hosue, so you're not the only one lol.gif


Heather-that picture is gorgeous!  We're going to try and dress both girls up this afternoon and take some Christmas pics.  I'm not looking forward to the prospect!


On the subject of pacies....I've gotten Clara to take one a few times, those moments when she's miserable and wants to suck but is so overflowing with milk that she's miserable.  She has a bit of a shallow latch as well, so I don't want to overdo it though.  Charlotte would NEVER take one, ever, for any reason.  On the one hand I didn't mind too much as I don't care for pacies in theory but in practice there were times when she was colicy that I would have done anything to get her to take the darn thing.


Now the whole family has a cold...poor Clara, it's not fair that a 5 week old can have a cold greensad.gif.  She's better off than I am, I've got a harsh cough and I keep waking her up when I hack.


Also, minor rant.  I've been working on a little sweater for her in my spare moments (hard to come by!) and I'm realizing now that I'm almost done the body that I am not going to have enough yarn to finish the sleeves.  It's old yarn that was in my mom's stash and when it's gone, it's gone.  Sigh.  I'm hoping I have enough left to eke out a little cap sleve or something.


Okay, this post sounds kinda grumpy, but I'm really not, lol.  Typing with a sweet, sleeping baby on my knees, things are actually pretty good! heartbeat.gif

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Haven't had much time to post, but I have been reading up on you mamas! Ian is getting increasingly fussy and more and more screaming time each day. :( The evenings are the worst, but he is starting to scream through almost every feeding, and he is fighting sleep when he is tired. :( He is still sleeping a lot overall, but just a bunch of catnaps (usually 30 minutes or so).. a few longer naps (about an hour) throughout the day. Even after screaming for hours in the evenings, he still doesn't sleep well at night.. up every hour or so. He's nursing every 30-60 minutes, I guess because he can only get so much at a time before he is too upset to finish. :( Going to call the ped tomorrow and ask about starting some Zantac.. he is doing all of the things that Liam did when he had reflux, except Liam never spit up and Ian spits up quite a bit.


Paci-- we've tried to get him to take it a few times, like in the car when he is screaming (doesn't like the car much unless he is already asleep) or in the evenings when he is screaming and wants to nurse but gets mad when there's milk.... a couple times it has actually helped but usually he just gets more angry with the paci.


I just don't know why I make such unhappy babies.. If it wasn't for MDC I would think I was the only one.. everyone else I know (except maybe 2 or 3 people) IRL has these happy, content babies who SLEEP and hardly ever cry, etc..... :( :(


Feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all right now.. hopefully the Zantac can give poor Ian (and all of us..) some relief.

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greensad.gif Catie-just know you aren't the only one! Molly luckily isn't as unhappy as my last three. I'm pretty sure I spent half of the 0-6 month stage in tears for those three. Just terribly, terribly unhappy babies until we figured out the problems. I wouldn't know what to do with a happy laid back baby. lol.gif I hope the zantac works for you. I'm going to call monday and see about reflux for Molly, too. I'm sick of waiting and watching her in pain.

I think I'm getting mastitis today. I feel dizzy and woozy.

Laura- Sorry about the yarn. greensad.gif Cap sleeve would be good, though.

What pacifiers are you all using? I have the naturstutten one. Or did until I lost it. But am looking for something less pricey and better for breastfed babies-I can only find the orthodontic one.
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I got the Tomme Tippee paci for Ian, supposed to be really good for breastfed babies.. We never used a paci with Liam (I was pretty anti-paci.. still not crazy about them but figured I'd probably need one this time around.. :lol) so I don't know a lot about them.. my SIL swears by the MAM ones.


Liam was so unhappy for the first 9 months or so (when he started walking) I was sure this one would be happier.... so far not the case. :( Liam also had reflux and dairy allergy, but even with me cutting all dairy and having him on Prevacid for the reflux (zantac didn't work) he was still very fussy and didn't sleep..... so far at least Ian seems to be a better sleeper.

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I use a MAM paci (well, the baby does), but it's not because I think they're awesome or anything.  I happened to be at the store and said to myself, oh grab something just in case you want it.  Somebody gave me another pack of....Avent ones, maybe?  But the nipple seems a lot bigger and she seems to gag on it.  I never wanted to do the whole binkie thing, but my other two kiddos wanted nothing to do with them after 6 months, so I decided I wouldn't worry about it this time around.  And we are in the car A LOT with taking ds to and from private school.


Glad to hear that some of you are having good luck with babywearing.  Hasn't been working so well here and not because of the baby - because of the WEATHER.  How do you all do this in cold weather?  I've only ever had spring babies and haven't had to worry much about keeping baby warm.  However the weather here has been less than pleasant.  It's blizzard like outside right now.  I had her in the sling while inside once with good luck but the other two times I didn't do a good job of getting her in and she got ticked off.  I should have just kept trying, but I gave up instead.  I wasn't much of a babywearer inside my own house with the other ones.  I primarily use it while out and about.

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Catie-  hug2.gif  and for sure you aren't alone.  My oldest was (still is in many ways) a high needs baby, and that was without  dealing with allergies and reflux.  I felt like I had my nose pressed to the glass, looking at all these other happy mothers with their happy babies who slept, or could be put down for more than 30 seconds without crying.  Every night was an hours long ordeal of pure misery that I dreaded, and I was a sleep deprived zombie for over a year.   I really hope that some meds will help, poor little guy, it's just not fair for babies to be in pain like that, and it's just as hard on their mamas.


Ellen- as far as baby wearing goes...practice, practice, practice?  Home is the place to experiment, the more you do it the quicker it is to pop em in.  I use a mirror so I'm sure she's positioned right (or I look in the reflection in the car window).  It's frigid here too, the underground parking lot at my local mall is my friend and I wish I had a minivan so I could get her loaded up in warmth.  I've been putting on my wrap at home, under my coat so I can pop her in quickly in the cold parking lot and then zip my coat over top, with a hat and mitts she's warm enough but I can't dawdle.  I can't imagine trying to put on the wrap in the dirty parking lot, with the ends trailing in the snow while I freeze my butt off.  I like my wrap at this stage but later it will be a little easier with my ring sling or beco. 

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