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Nic, that's awful! I hope there is another doctor you can go to.


Well, I'm currently feeding one sided. I was able to really LOOK at my right nipple last night, and there is a small scab on it. I'm pumping to let it heal, will try to get Paige in to a chiro, and work on her latch. It's definitely shallow on that side - the nipple is all lipstick-shaped after feeding.  Hopefully this will make it as pleasant to feed on the right as it is on the left!

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No time to write, but I'm thinking of you Nic and all those with traumatic birth details.  (((hugs))))

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Probably a dumb question... but how likely would it be that a wool allergy would look like baby acne? I wear wool sweaters most of the time, and I was wondering if nursing/sleeping with her face pressed against it could be the cause of the rash. Probably not, as she doesn't have it anywhere other than her face, and other parts of her body touch my sweaters, but if it is a problem, it's easy enough to avoid.

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Hi guys - just checking in quickly since Gus seems to be taking a longer nap than usual. 


Ocelotmom - I suppose you could wear fleece or cotton for a day or two if you wanted to test the wool allergy theory but I'll bet it's just normal baby acne.  I am a big wool-wearer too and have a lot of scratchy ones.  It's been hard finding warm things to wear that are a) long enough to hide the fact that I'm still wearing maternity pants and b) not too scratchy for baby (I don't want anything touching his face that I wouldn't like touching mine you know?)  My baby has baby acne just on his face.  DD had it too when she was 4 weeks old.  He also has a little lump under one of his nipples - a "breast bud".  Our ped says that both are a reaction to maternal hormones and should mostly go away in a month or two. 


Nic - I'm no expert, but what you are going through with perineal recovery sounds kind of worrisome.  I second the advice to go see a doctor or midwife if you can to assess how things are healing up.  At the very least, if things are ok down there they can reassure you.


My little guy seems to be following the same trajectory his sister did - at 4 weeks he was 9lbs 1 oz (up almost 3lbs from his birth weight).  He has his fussy moments but is a pretty good nighttime sleeper (knock wood).  Although I am up nursing him 3x a night or so it is usually pretty brief and he goes back to sleep easily.  He's getting a stretch of 5-6 hours occasionally although not every night.  That's enough for me for right now!



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Ocelotmom-It sounds like heat rash to me!!

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My doctor said he would see me for my '6 week check up.' Thank goodness.. I go in, in a month... though I suppose if I feel the need I can see him sooner. I'm going to see how this goes, if I can heal it myself or see improvement in a week. If not I'll go in.


Marah had a doc appointment today (love my doctor, truly) he thinks I'm right and that she suffered a broken collarbone from her birth...she now weighs 11lbs 11oz. Over a 2 pound gain in a month! :)

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ocelotmom- when Liam was a baby he had a rash that started on his face and eventually spread over most of his body that was from a dairy allergy.. once I cut dairy, 4 days later it was gone. Don't know if that is something you would look into or if there are any other symptoms.


frisbee- SO jealous of your long stretches! we get a 3 hour stretch every once in awhile for the first stretch and then he is up hourly.. sometimes stays awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night... lol. but so far he is sleeping better than Liam did at that age, so that's good.. he takes a lot of naps during the day too... oh,and today he fell asleep TWICE in the swing! I am one happy mommy, as Liam HATED the swing.. or to be put down at all, ever. lol

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Ocelotmom-all my kids got "baby acne" and have no issues with wool.
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I'm pretty sure it's either just baby acne or dairy related (I suspect dairy senstivity anyways, and need to get a little more diligent about avoiding the less obvious dairy. Either that, or something else (wheat, most likely) is the actual culprit). I mainly wanted feedback because I think I'm making her a waldorf-style star doll out of an old felted sweater, and just wanted to make sure no one was going to say "Oh yeah, that sounds just like a wool allergy!", and none of my other kids had the baby zits anywhere near as bad as she does.

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Oh, Nic!hug2.gif  That sounds just horrid. greensad.gif  Please let us know what your doctor says.  I worry for you.  The OB I had with my first daughter was a train wreak of a practitioner and did a really bad botch job on my rip of 4 and I dont want to scare you or anything but just before getting pregnant with my second daughter I ended up having to go to another doctor and having some scar tissue problems taken care of.  Definitely better to address this now while everything is still "fresh" than later when it could cause you more problems.  My heart is breaking for you, no one should have to go through this.


Farren, bless your heart as well.hug2.gifThat sounds absolutely exhausting.  I hope everything resolves itself soon, poor little guy and poor momma!


Christmas.... yeah this year is going to be pretty lean.  Not only in the present department (no paychecks for 4 months has put a major cramp in our budget) but also on the traditional festivities. 


Thank you all so much for the kind words about breastfeeding.  Sometimes I feel like we are NEVER going to have success but then one of the boys will have a successful feed or my niece will come over and I will see her nursing her little one and then it all comes back to me how important it is and how much easier our lives would be so I just keep on plugging on.  If nothing else hopefully all of this will just help me be able to help others in the future, because honestly up until this time around I had never had any problems or complications with nursing and had a really hard time relating to those that had because it was so far out of my scope of experience.


Honestly I feel really fortunate though because both of the boys are pretty easy to please and fairly laid back characters, Connor more so than Seamus but pretty true of both of them.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that at their next endocrinology appointment their dr. will tell us we can skip a few med doses at night. : )  Now THAT would make life a lot easier. orngbiggrin.gif

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For the cold weather baby wearing mama's....I friend of mine got this http://www.themcoat.com/  Totally awesome but the

price is dizzy.gif.  She really likes it though (and gets lot of use out of it since she doesn't drive and takes the bus or walks with baby) and it's a fab idea, I've only seen fleece coats or ponchos up to now.  


Edit:fixed the link

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The link didn't work for me : ( 

Now I'm super curious to know what it was.biggrinbounce.gif

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Neat coat!  How much was it?

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$450 canadian.  Ouch!  I don't see one in my future but maybe if it was my first kid and I intended to get a lot of use out of it...

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How am I having a rotten day when I've only just gotten out of the bedroom and have barely even spoken to anyone (especially my DH, who is grumpy himself)? dizzy.gif Clearly, my own mind is not my friend, but neither are the current circumstances swirling around in it. greensad.gif

Our van has been acting up for a while - hard to turn at low speeds, random noises, etc. But nothing that seemed that big of a deal. Then a new noise started a few days ago and got progressively worse. It was clearly related to the left front wheel and when it was turning. I was hoping it was something rubbing against the tire, but eventually it turned into a metal-on-metal sound. Ugh. I had to drive 30 miles to the (nearer) airport to pick up my sister Wednesday but almost took the van into the shop before I did. It was so awful and loud that I wasn't sure I should make the drive, but there was no one else who could go get her. So I prayed a lot and went out, feeling better because the noise lessened at some point before I got on the freeway. I took the van in as soon as we got home and sat for an hour plus with Eliana (the boys were elsewhere then) to find out just how bad it would be.

And it was bad. A long list of bad. The big thing, the noisy thing, was the wheel bearings. The guy said it could've locked up at any moment and we would've been in serious trouble. Then the tires, alignment, and rear shocks (front shocks, too, but not as bad) all need to be dealt with, too. Of course, I'm just sick about this because we were waiting until today's paycheck to do our Christmas ordering and shopping. We were planning a rather scaled-back Christmas, anyway, and I knew that some things would arrive to people out of town late, anyhow, just because we couldn't order them soon enough. But it was actually starting to shape up to be just fine. And then we got hit with $900 in car repairs. greensad.gif

So, anything I get for anyone now will be minimal. We need to buy digital images of our newborn photo shoot to make prints from and give as gifts, but we can't do that. And we need to make our annual (and much desired by grandparents and great-grandparents) calendar, but we can't do that (that's our biggest expense because we have to do so many). And I was planning to get baby announcements to include in Christmas cards, but because we'd have to buy the digital images AND the cards, I can't do that.

We always host Christmas dinner and it's usually a LOT of money to do it. We've considered the need to have others pitch in to cover the cost in the past, but have never done it. Thankfully the cut of meat we need is on big sale this week and so we may just be able to pull off the meat and a couple of sides, ourselves, and just have everyone bring sides and desserts.

And then there's my birthday. My sister and BIL will be here. My dad's coming in because I asked him to, a year ago. It's my 30th and I while I never have big to-dos for birthdays, I wanted this one to be special. And I don't see how that's going to happen.

Really, I'm glad we (somehow) *could* pay the bill and have the van repaired, especially since with four kids there's NO other mode of transportation that will work. And I'm sure it'll all work out, somehow - Christmas, gifts for everyone, dinner, even birthday (maybe). But it's really, really frustrating, disappointing, depressing, etc. greensad.gif

Eliana must've had a growth spurt. She seems just huge now. Not newborn-like, either. greensad.gif She's starting to smile more, which is wonderful and makes it a little easier to deal with her getting bigger. I was so hoping this newborn stage would last longer! I want to pull out our postal scale/sheet pan contraption and weigh her again (she doesn't get an official weigh in at the pedi's until 2 months). She's fitting into clothes better and even the size small Bummis SWW that didn't fit her a week ago *just* fits her now. I even put her in a premium PF (snappi'd) last night and it fit reasonably! She's holding her head up really well, even when on her tummy. She loves looking at patterns and will do so happily for a few minutes at a time.

She's definitely still dealing with some kind of tummy issue. Fussy more, mucousy stools, occasionally (but not always) green. She's got what looks like newborn acne that comes and goes. Is that normal for acne, or is it more likely related to food or contact sensitivities?

She's got another cold, thanks to her brothers (though I have it, too, at least in part). eyesroll.gif Oh, well.

Last night I started noticing that she looks a lot like my DS2 at this age. I need to dig out more pictures to compare, but the eyes remind me a lot of the picture we used for Iain's announcements, which was probably in this 4 week range.

I think I'm going to go take a bunch of fish oil and placenta capsules, then fix DS's computer, rescue the bar of soap from the toilet, and try to get bills paid and whatever things ordered that we can. Maybe somewhere in there I'll turn on Christmas music and try to feel more festive.

Hope everyone else is doing well. grouphug.gif
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