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Sewing more fabric onto woven wrap to make it longer?

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I have a long piece of woven cloth I got at Fabricland months ago.  I bought it with the intention of using it as a woven wrap.  I asked for it to be cut to 5 meters, and assumed it was, and didn't measure it when I got home.  


Fast forward about six months, and now I'm ready to use it (DS is 5 months old).  But when I measured it, it's too short!  I've read that 4.6 meters is good, but this piece is only 3.5m!  ARGH!  (Kicking self for not measuring it myself!).    


I was wondering if I could sew a bit more than a half meter on each end to lengthen it out.  I know it's not a good idea to sew two pieces of fabric together since the seam would be in the middle of the wrap where baby sits and would get too much wear, making it unsafe.  But if I just sew the pieces on the ends to give me more room to tie a knot, would that be safe?  Has anyone done this?  I really love the fabric and the colours of this piece, and can't start from scratch with another new 4.6 m piece of fabric...


Any comments/tips?

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Not all carries require the longer lengths for baby wearing.

 What carries do you know?  Lets see if we can find you a carry for the fabric you have.


I would not add to the fabric.

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Hmm, good point.  I should try some other carries I guess.  I want to do a back carry if possible.  Any suggestions?

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A ruck carry tied under the bum does not take a lot of fabric or if you have excess fabric tied to front would use up the extra. This mostly depends on your size, and size of baby. Here is a link that carefully demonstrates a ruck carry. It is in German yet she takes time so that you can well understand what she is doing with out the audio.



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Wow, fantastic link!  That was a really helpful video, thanks a million!  


I can't wait until DS wakes up from his nap to try that out.  Looks easy and sturdy and just what I'm looking for!  I wonder how long her wrap is...she looks about my size and her baby is a bit bigger than mine, so it should work. 


Thanks so much!  Any others?

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If you take that link a number of her other demonstations show up Nicole SuT. She does a great job at showing little tips and tweaks that make wrapping feel better.

She rolls her shoulders to move fabric, she angles the wrap in certain ways this to develop the carry better. 

Watch how she pulls the fabric rather than bounce baby into the carrier this creates the best balance for supporting the wearer and wearie in a wrap.

Lately she makes sure that baby is in the spread squat froggied position important to proper hip development, a supports the developing spine.

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maybe you could add a little fabric to both ends? sew over it a few times, and check it every time you use/wash it(just like any other carrier). I did this with one of my wraps, I ended tapered ends to each side of the wrap.

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