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Waiting for the "magic" to happen

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My DD is 10 months old now and I've suspected I've been dealing with PPD for a long time.  I've never had crazy thoughts or anxiety, but I do have insomnia and anger issues, and also often feel overwhelmed.  Long story short, I finally saw my doctor (who wanted me to wean, but I convinced her otherwise) and she put me on 25mg Zoloft.  I'm beginning my third week on it, and I know it takes a few weeks to really kick in, but I wanted to ask how other moms knew it was working.  Did you wake up one day and feel better?  Was it a slow transition?  I'm one of those people who HATES taking drugs so I really denied PPD for a long time, but I'm so ready to feel better. 

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For me it took about a month to start to work.  The effect was not dramatic for me, it was more like a leveling of mood but was subtle.

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The worst of my symptoms seemed to lessen within a few days but most of the time, I felt neutral as some others put it.  I started to have some really good days and now after a few months, I feel happy.  Give it time, it's a gradual process.

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I'm prescribed 50mg of zoloft but I'm easing my way into it since I tend to have trouble with side effects of meds....i'm pretty sensitive to any kind of drug. I took 14.5 mg (50mg broken into fourths) for 4 days, then I missed 2 nights (and felt sick!) and then took 14.5 two more nights and now I'm on to 25 mg for the last 5 or 6 days. So basically this is only my second week, and at a fairly low dose. I only weigh 101 lbs so I'm hoping that means my body will respond more quickly to the medication.


I notice a dramatic lessening of the rage I was dealing with, and that is a relief because that's a really frightening feeling. However I'm still feeling the anxiety. still giving it time, but like you op i am ready to feel better NOW.

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My MD also prescribed Zoloft, but I haven't noticed any difference... I guess it's been about 2-3 weeks (gradually increasing to 50mg).  I'm also wondering if this will have any effect. Am I just being impatient?


I seem to remember that a few years ago (before TTC & having our last two LOs)--  Cymbalta worked for me... Is it safe to take while BF? I've been thinking about making another appt & asking about it. Does anybody have any knowledge to share about that?

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i took zoloft after my son who is 3. i started on 50mg and that was not enough (i suffered for weeks waiting for it to work and there was no point in that) i ended up on 150mg and felt a change at that dose within days. most noticeably was my anxiety letting up. this time around (i am 10weeks pp with twins) i decided to try wellbutrin. the zoloft did what it was supposed to do but it also made me feel unmotivated, very blah with no highs and no lows, i had insomnia and inability to orgasm. with the wellbutrin i have absolutely no side effects and feel great. not saying you should change meds but just sharing what i went through. i certainly hope you feel better soon. just make sure you are communicating well with your provider and if you still feel bad after a few weeks maybe you should give them a call. couldn't hurt. hang in there as this will get better, it just takes time.

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