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Hi, I'm a Doula, student midwife, yoga and pre-natal yoga instructor.  I recently had my second baby, about 6 weeks ago, and have been experiencing some prolapse since the birth.  It began with light incontinence, which seems to be improving, but I can still feel my cervix very low.  I don't feel control over muscles that I remember previously feeling.  I am enjoying reading this thread.  For myself I was unsure what really "caused" this.  I practice yoga, my children were not too close together, I eat very well, I'm only 24, I had a very undisturbed birth; didn't push once, just let my body relax and do what it needed to.   I have been doing  A LOT of Kegels some core strengthening and just can't seem to feel like I'm gaining any more strength or support.   I will give myself some time, but just feel like something should be helping.  I think there is something to the "core stregthening in pregnancy" that was mentioned.  It's rather interesting though, almost every prenatal yoga program I know of teaches NOT to do abdominal exercise at all.  During my first pregnancy, I didn't do any direct(like a sit-up or things similar) abdominal strengthening but did things such as plank, and side plank that certainly support and strengthen the area.  After that birth I was "like new" in about 2 weeks.  Of course there are other factors involved, but I really am tending to agree with the core strength building in pregnancy.  I would really be interested to hear more on your theories, or others theories on that.  In pilates, prenantal or not, I have noticed that the position of the spine is often not taken into consideration.  The exercises can be modified so the spine is taken into consideration and are more healthy and effective.  It would be hard for me to explain totally here, but one basic example of why you would want to keep the spine in mind... in a simple forward bend if you round forward you risk the chance of hurting your spine...ask a pt, one most comon injory is just from leaning over in the wrong way.  It's important to keep your spine "straight" in order to maintain the integrity or the work you are doing...not to say rounding the spine is not beneficial.  Wow, sorry I'm writing a book.  Anyway my concern is that during pregnancy it becomes all the more important to maintain alignment and integrity in any posture or exercise.  So while I think core exercises should be added, I think there are some that need to be modified or not done at all.  I'd like to know more about prolapse, more about preventing it...if that info is even available, and about what's normal, stregthening in preg...does anybody know of other good resources on this topic?