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Alexander Lee is here!

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Alexander Lee Thomas was born on 12/6 at 8:08 a.m. I woke up at 6:30 a.m with a couple of VERY strong contractions. I called my Midwife and told her to come RIGHT AWAY. When my MW arrived at 7:50 I was already at 10 cm and ready to push! Alexander was born after about 15 minutes of pushing and was perfectly healthy at 8lbs, 1 oz and 20.5" long. We were supposed to have a waterbirth but when my husband tried to start filling the tub at 7:00a.m our water heater exploded and we decided there was not enough time anyways. I pushed out Xander squatting at the foot of my bed and then we both crawled into bed and snuggled- pure perfection.

Nursing is going very well and so is my 3 year old DD who just adores her baby brother. I want to thank everybody here at MDC for all of the support during my pregnancy. We really had a great group of ladies here and I hope we continue our board for months to come grouphug.gif


I just looked at the prediction thread and I was right about the date and oh so close about the weight!

Here is what I predicted:


Wildecat - DD 12/08 ~ GD 12/06 ~ 8lb 02oz ~ 22 in ~


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Congratulations to you and your family and great work mamma. 

Sooo many births that I keep reading and hearing about are happening so quickly, both on here and IRL. 


Amazing that your mamma instinct was dead on!


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CONGRATS!!!  What a wild birth!  Your prediction is amazing!!  Your profile pic is beautiful, what a handsome little guy!

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so happy for you

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Wow, Jaime!  You said he came fast but that's NUTS!  Congrats!! 

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 Wow! What a fast birth. Can you send some of those speedy labor vibes my way? Cool that your prediction was right on. Maybe mine will be too. I guessed the 12th, so we'll see.

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Oh your birth sounds so great, congratulations!! Any speedy birth tips? winky.gif

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Whoa, that is SO fast! Congratulations, he's beautiful!

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W-O-W! Congrats! My goodness, what a story!! Amazing! Oh the babies are coming, so many are here already!

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Wow, what a story - please send some of your speedy birth energy my way ;) Congratulations!

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Wow that was fast! Congratulations! I can't believe how right your predictions were.
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Congratulations!  Glad to hear the four of you are well.  I am especially glad to hear that your DD took a liking right away.  I hope the same for our family. Xander is such a great nick name too!!


Take care

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Thank you all for the well wishes. I have no advice for a fast labor except that I was squatting and/or on my knees during the entire time (which was only an hour and a half). I honestly believe that staying upright makes labor a lot shorter.

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Wow, that was fast! Sounds like it went perfectly! Congratulations. You did awesome.

And good job on the prediction!

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Way to go!  Those fast labors can really send your head spinning; glad you are snuggling now with both your kiddos!

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Congratulations! The snuggling is the best, we're soaking it up here while we can. Enjoy!

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