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Yeah Rynna!!! I am so relieved to hear that.

Greaseball-It's good to hear that Medicaid will switch you back. How stupid!

Lilzark-Don't worry about being a downer-we all have our days No one here is thinking that about you

Smithie-Very nice retort. A little caffeine here and there is not going to hurt anyone. And it really isn't others' place to assume anything about you.

Arg. I have rearranged our house somewhat. The living room is so filled with toys everywhere from the last couple days that you can't even walk in it. I just picked it up and I can see that ds has now dumped out all the buckets from his toy box thing and once again it is impassible. He has also dumped out both toy tool boxes as well as other little containers I use to organize his stuff, I hate it when he comes right behind me and undoes everything I do. I only have so much energy to devote to cleaning, yk? And I already pulled all my favors with my bro today (bathroom and trash, not to mention helping me move a bookshelf which means he moved it and I watched since I am on strict no heavy lifting orders from my chiro) He has definitely been super helpful

We got our new dresser and I was putting all of the baby things in the old one and I discovered that there were no socks and only one hat. I remember pulling all the socks out of the box when I went through all of the nb stuff. So I have been racking my brain for the past couple days-did I give them all to goodwill? did I send them off to the pregnancy crisis center? did I consign them? Finally, after feeling like a total goon and being resigned to buying some, I remembered that I put them in a basket on top of our bookshelf until the dresser came. It was a very "duh" moment.

Hey, oldnavy.com is having a good sale on tank tops right now-2 for $10. I'm not all that fond of the colors, but I love only paying $5 for a shirt!

Well, I am taking some deep breaths so I don't throttle my son as soon as I get up from here. Not to mention I just reorganized all his toys. It is so anal, I know, and pointless, but if I don't do it, then all of the sudden the toys don't fit in the buckets anymore and when I go through it I find puzzle pieces to puzzles we don't have anymore, broken utensils he played with one day while someone was cooking, etc. The guys don't toss the trash stuff when they clean up, they just shove everything in the buckets. :

My reflux is really bad too. Almost all the time. It is actually a pretty rare day that I don't have it at least 70% of the time. I was hoping that it was my horrid diet with Tain that made it so bad last time, but no, it is just as bad this time too. I don't really like taking tons of tums, but sometimes it is so bad, I need something in order to function. I try to put up with it as long as possible. It is truly aweful at night and if dh or ds wake me, I can't get back to sleep. So I down the tums. Also, water really makes it bad. Which sucks, b/c I find that I am thirsty a lot and subconsciously avoid drinking water b/c I know it will hurt. Stupid sphincter!

Well, I am officially getting fat thighs. Very disappointing. We don't have a full length mirror so I didn't notice until trying on undies at VS a few wks ago. Man, once you get that fat for the first time, it sure is easy for it to come back. Now that spring is here, though, I have more energy and the weather is nice enough to take walks, so hopefully I can stem off the worst of the ballooning. And bfing will do the rest. But I am disappointed in myself. It is totally the amount of bad stuff I have been eating for the past, like, 2 months. I wish sweet stuff wasn't so tasty...

how come it's always the times that I think I don't have anything to say that I write a novel?
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i do that too! i organize all the boy's toys into separate baskets and thier room is even arranged in centers! and thier favorite activity is not playing creativly in the centers (like all my child dev classes told me they would : ), but dumping out baskets off toys all over the floor....
drives me nuts!

greasball- i would be worried about all the poisin those runaway ants brought into my house! yucky nieghbors...

yeah!! i am very glad you are not dialting. heres some to get your baby to 8 pounds!!!!
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Well, I lost 4 lbs last week because of being sick...funny thing is, when I'm not pg I don't lose weight like that!
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It snowed last night. What the heck?!
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Slow goings on Saturdays. So, I keep offering my sewing services to mamas. I think I just like the idea of a project with praise at the end. Or the gratification of helping someone out. I don't know. It's not like I don't have projects of my own to do, they just aren't as fun. I know when I tell dh that I offered to sew something else for a mama, he's going to get that look. But honestly, I put myself in that person's shoes. I'd rather have something made by someone I had contact with than buy something from WalMart. I'd rather have a solution that I can't provide myself than go without b/c I can't afford to pay a professional for what I need. And I don't do a whole lot with my days, so it's not like it really inconveniences me or something. I don't mind not getting paid for my work, as long as I don't end up paying for anything out of pocket, it's all good. Am I a total weirdo? Does anyone need anything?
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Here's what I need!

One of these puppets!

I've always wanted one, but they cost $200-$400, so I thought maybe I could learn to make them.
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I "need" a crib set1

Julie, if you wanted to take on something as big as a crib set (quilt, dust ruffle, curtains, diaper stacker) using a bolt of gorgeous-but-going-to-waste Waverly that I'd mail to you, I'd be thrilled to pay you for your time and effort, plus you could keep the extra fabric. Being a total sewing moron, I'd want you to pick out the right pattern and whatever notions were necessary and just add them to your bill. PM me if you're interested...

In other news, dh and I dropped off our last remaining foster hound at her new home <sob>, then hit some baby stores. We didn't buy anything except a Baby on Board sign, but we picked out several things for the registry and our commitment to finding a used crib was strengthened. Cribs are a freaking ripoff.
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Hi ladies!
I popped into one of the last June threads before we left for a vacation and have been reading this one a bit.
Just wanted to wave hello and give {{HUggSS}} to Smithie on seeing her foster go, but congrats for finding a placement!
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I don't think I need anything right now, Julie.. but I do know someone who needs a sling! She's not due until December, so there's plenty of time. I'll definately pm you.. I've got lots of fabric around, but I'm afraid of my sewing machine (an absolutely wonderful Pfaff in excellent condition.. but it scares me! ) and I'm uncoordinated anyway. Like, how do I make sure that Eli isn't getting into the fabric I haven't started working on yet? :LOL
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Sewing with a toddler around is an exercise in patience. I am a very organized, anal retentive person, but my sewing stuff is a disaster! I let him play with the knobs on my machine, he unravels the spools on my serger, he knows where the bobbin goes, so he is always taking that out. My sewing desk has drawers without knobs and he just learned how to open them. So now he gets into my bobbins and unravels them all. I have a little mini drawer set on the desk where I keep the things I need close while I am sewing like chalk, replacement needles, straight pins. Yeah, that thing is a complete mess. I have no idea where most of the stuff has gone and definitely no idea which drawer stuff is in any more.

The rest of my supplies are in inaccessible places so at least all the zippers, buttons, ribbon, etc are in a place he can't access and my fabric is in opaque plastic totes (actually plastic file boxes from Office Depot-2 for $9!) so he doesn't really get into that. He does like to tip over the trash can, though.

He knows not to turn things on and what things are off-limits (like scissors) so I just sort of let him do whatever. It buys me time when I am on-line (my sewing stuff and computer are in the same room) and he has really developed an interest in what I do, which I think is pretty cool.

Rynna-I found starting stuff to be pretty scary too. I started by doing things that didn't require a whole lot of skill and very few complicated stitches. Lap quilts are great starter projects b/c they aren't so big you get discouraged or have trouble sewing on them and they use a simple straight stitch-you don't even have to backstitch! The cutting is monotonous, though.

Well, I should get cracking. Wanting to do projects for others has made me feel the need to get my own done!

I have a mw appt on Tues. After this one, we go to every other week. Seems too soon...
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