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Planning A VBAC Update...

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I haven't been on here much... mostly been busy. I finished my childbirth educator certification and have been sewing like a mad woman trying to get enough diapers made up before the new one makes her arrival. (yes! It's a girl! Averly or Ava for short!)


I LOVE doctor elrod. He's been amazing. I need to schedule another appointment as we had to cancel my last one due to HORRIBLE weather. I've already got some arrangements set up to rent a couple rooms up in Wasilla near my due date and someone to care for my kids.


It's all falling into place. Last but not least, I'm considering hiring a doula because we've recently been told my husband may need to be out of state around the time of delivery... which means id be completely alone.

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So glad to hear that things are working out so well for you.  But sorry to hear your husband may not be able to make it.  I can't recommend getting a doula enough for you.  They can be especially helpful with VBACs. 

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yeah! I'm so glad you found Dr. Elrod! I'm only sorry there is only one of him in this HUGE state!


Can we make clones?

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