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Via communications through pm, another mama told me about some great science experiment books. I ordered some used and they just arrived. They are so amazing that I wanted to share them with everyone here.


Most of the books by Neil Ardley are subject related. We got the books on motion, water, and weather. There are several others. We also got the one I linked to above. It is a collection of experiments on different subjects. Instead of being a whole book about water experiments, it has maybe 5 or 6 such experiments (or however many, I haven't counted.)


What is great about these books is there are photographs for each step of the experiment. The problem I had with all the other experiment books we have is my son is only 4 and does not read. I just never had the motivation to read through the experiment books to see which interested him. With these books he goes through and asks me to help him with different experiments. Today we did an underwater volcano and we are making stalactites at this very moment. We bought cheap (imitation) maple syrup and oil for an experiment on density. He wants to make the crane, but since it involves banging and we were doing experiments during the baby's nap, pounding wasn't an option. There's also an experiment for a battery operated merry go round that looks really interesting, if not more work than I'm willing to do right now.


The experiments range from simple--do water and oil mix or making a flat cardstock boat then putting it in water and using dish soap to make it move--to coloring white flowers to the above mentioned merry go round.


Amazon says for ages 9 to 12. My almost 5 year old loves the books.


I highly recommend them.