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Wolfgang's late but perfect birth!

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So, where to begin? There are so many things that are a blur, and that I remember inconsistently or not at all. I went into labor at 42 weeks 3 days.

The two previous nights had been very sleep deprived. I had the first contraction either at noon on the 7th, or 2:04. I remember it as 2:04, but John and the doula have text evidence that it was earlier lol.

I had gotten up at 8:30 and spent the morning calling midwives and worrying. I felt strongly like I needed John with me, and even though I wasn't in labor, he called and told work that I was. I think it was minutes after the phone call that I felt the first pressure wave!

I had also left a message for the midwife-pediatrician saying I was ready for the well baby check-up, just hoping she'd call back and we'd go from there. Luckily by the time she called back, I *was* ready for the newborn check-up!

It's too cool how things worked out.

John and I napped for a couple hours and when I woke up I felt I was really leaking, not just watery discharge. I went into the bathroom and discovered the water was pink-tinged. I said, "THANK GOODNESS!" out loud. The waves had started around 15-20 minutes apart and quickly went to 5-10 minutes apart. I stopped counting then.

I got up to get some breakfast, feeling that he was coming, but I couldn't stand up long enough to make anything. Standing up made them come once a minute, and they HURT. It was intolerable to stand up at all.

I was surprised by how strong they were, so quickly. It wasn't as easy to do other things during labor as I had predicted, therefore, I didn't really get any prep time. We had been trying to keep the house clean, but by the time it happened there were dishes in the sink, old casseroles in the fridge (thanks for noticing mom :) and the bathroom was all dirty again.

Ok, so on to the meat of the story. I took a nice bath that didn't seem to affect waves at all - a good sign. Then I listened to hypnobabies on the bed for a while.

I felt a small gush and went to the toilet. As I sat there I felt the distinctive pop of my water breaking. This was at 6:30 pm.

I called to John to tell him and he was super excited :)

He decided to get the pool ready. While I waited I noticed the waves had gotten very manageable. They were strong and regular but not the "I can't move, don't touch me" kind they had been. I considered it my break before the end. I was then able to walk around, which is probably just what my body needed right then, so I paced and felt great. It was lovely.

About an hour later I got into the pool and the waves got so intense I told John it was getting crazy and to prepare himself.

He later says he had no idea if it was painful or not, because I was super quiet and focused, and I can count on one hand the times I vocalized. It didn't feel good to me to vocalize, just blowing air out was great, breathing in wasn't. I kept trying to figure out a way I could blow out without breathing in LOL.

Actually, on the toilet right before coming out to get in the tub I felt my body bear down a bit but it hurt to go with it, so I didn't.

It happened once or twice more in the pool, and I only felt slightly inclined to go with it.

As it got more intense I suddenly wanted my mom there. I think it was purely instinctual, because it turned out really important to have her there. So, I changed my plan completely and told John to call her. She was surprised, but happy to come. She got there and I moaned out loud for the first and only time until pushing.

Almost every contraction felt like the urge to poop, so I finally gave in, jumped out of the pool and ran to the bathroom with John and mom chasing behind with towels LOL.

I sat on the toilet holding John's hand for apparently 2 hours, but I thought it was like 10 minutes! John was very patient! Sitting there touching him in complete silence was all I needed.

I felt so tired, and I wanted so badly to lay down but couldn't. Squatting was the only position that really worked. I decided to attempt it anyway, and jumped up and went to the bedroom. It was so hard to walk, I was running purely on adrenaline.

I laid head down, butt up for a while, then actually laid half on my stomach and it felt so good to lay flat.

I never said anything like "I can't do this. This hurts" and I never panicked, but I started thinking "Yeah, I want an epidural and I don't care anymore." hahaha. Funny Kaela.

I said to John, "I wish I could go to the hospital." And he said, "Do we need to? Why can't you?"

And I said, "Because I can't move!"

I told myself that if nothing happened in a little bit that I would find some way to get myself into a car and to a hospital, even though I couldn't sit up, let alone walk at that point. I was clearly in transition! My mind was purely "animal" which, looking back, was pretty cool.

I think the most negative thing for me about labor pain was the way it paralyzed me. It clearly has a purpose, though. It says "You are going to do it this way. No buts about it."

So, sure enough a few minutes later I'm pushing and this time it feels right to help it. John asks if he should get the camera and I said, "maybe" still trying not to hope LOL.

So, I start to feel him coming down and I'm just pushing, pushing. I felt so powerful. I let go and screamed him down.

I don't think there was one time in the whole labor where I panicked or truly questioned my ability, or the process of birth. I simply didn't have time to question birth, I was GIVING BIRTH.

So, he started crowning and it burned but I remember thinking, "Ah, I can do this. It's not that bad!"

What WAS bad? His shoulders! Yeah, a couple screams there!

My mom and John were a little over-managy for my taste, since I was in total control but they were saying things and telling me what to do a bit and they thought they needed to hold his head as he came, but they didn't do anything that ultimately interferred in any way. My mom got scared that his shoulders didn't come fast enough, but I knew it was fine. He only took a second's pause. It was totally normal.

I was on hands and knees, and kind of alternated between that and being back on my haunches. John caught.

He was in a beautiful position, no cord around the neck (it was way too short), no nuchal hand, nothing like that. He just scrunched his shoulders and came right out.

He started talking and making adorable noises right away, and pinked up immediately.

It was 10:00 PM exactly on December 7!

I can't believe how awesome it was. The placenta membrane tore, but everything seems to be fine. We were checked out by the midwife and all is well.

I am beyond thrilled and can't believe how awesome my baby is. I don't just love him because he's mine. He is truly such a cool kid! I think his personality is already showing to be quite likable.

And people worried me about him being late, but he had some vernix on his back, and his skin is super soft and he's just so healthy.

I had a little internal tearing but otherwise I stretched great! My tail bone is freaking killing me, and I never want to give birth again lol but that should change.

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This is the coolest story!!  Way to go, and congratulations!!!!!!!!  Thank you for sharing this.  Seriously, every single birth story I read that's like this makes me just know I can do it, too, and that means a lot to me, and to a lot of others, too, I'm sure!


Was he posterior - is that why your tail bone hurts?  Or would it hurt just from laboring in general?


How big was he?


That's really exciting that you had such an excellent experience!  I'm so happy for you!  (Cool name, too, btw!)

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Oh, wow did I really leave out his weight?


We first weighed and it was 10 lbs, but then weighed again and it's probably closer to 9. 8 and 21 inches long.


He wasn't posterior, he was a perfect anterior baby.


I think it's just that he was big, but dang my whole tailbone and perineum feels like it was hit by a truck :)

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Wow Congrats!  It's so great to see your update :)


Warm compresses might feel good on your perineum!

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Congratulations!!! Wonderful!!  Love the pic.

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Congratulations! That's such a beautiful story!

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Awww, he's so beautiful and sounds like a neat little guy love.gif  I enjoyed your birth story and I'm happy that all went well!  Enjoy your babymoon hug2.gif

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He is adorable. SOunds like a great birth! Enjoy him.

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You have a natural way with writing! Great story, I could totally emphasize with so much of it.

A big CONGRATULATIONS! He is gorgeous!

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YAY! I have been waiting to see what his story would be! What a great one! Congratulations mama.

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Congrats, you did great!

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Congratulations! I'm happy that things went great for you!

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So glad to see your update!! Your little Wolfgang is sooooo cute!!!
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Congrats!!!! love.gif I remember seeing your post about being overdue- you did great. I loved the story, I loved the picture, and I love your son's name!! 


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Blue Spiral, that is the most wonderful, beautiful amazing news I have heard all freaking day! Massive massive congrats to you. You totally rock! Welcome to you beautiful sized son, for doing it all UC and for trusting the journey. May you have a blessed milky babymoon!

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Congrats! joy.gif

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congrats mama! so, so beautiful! 

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Congrats and what a gorgeous baby you just had!

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WONDERFUL story!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Very positive, inspiring and encouraging. He is just adorable. Absolutely beautiful and truly perfect! THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

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OH  and I stillheart.gif his name! Are you going to call him Wolf or Wolfy for short? I love unique names!

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