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How to deal with this?

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My kids are in K and 3rd.  I homeschooled the older one for the second half of 2nd grade.  Then I put her back in our local PS for 3rd grade (she did 1st and part of 2nd there), and put the younger one in K. 


They are doing... ok.  But not great.  They say they are bored - work is too easy, but the older one also says that some of the work is "hard", too.  I think they really just need to learn at their own pace.  I'm also not thrilled with some of the things they have picked up at school, social-wise.


OTOH, a lot of the staff at the school are really nice and I like them.  I got involved in the PTA to get more of an inside look at the school.  Some of the folks are nice.  There are a few "drama" situations as well.  That have exhausted me...


I want to just pull the kids out for this coming semester and homeschool them again.  But I'm hesitating because well... I'm embarrassed to say this, but because I like a lot of the staff, it feels like it will be hard to say, "You are nice and all, but your school is not working for my kids."  Seems like a slap in the face.


Also, I live in a small community, and I'll see many of these people out and about.  I don't want it to be awkward.  I don't think the school is really all that bad - in fact, it's pretty good and considered one of the best PS in our area.  But it's just not working for my kids.  KWIM?


What can I say to these staff people if I pull out my kids and they ask me why I did that?

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I really missed homeschooling.  I really missed being there when XYZ clicked.  .... then immediately change the subject or if you think it will be hard to change, immediately solicit the staff's advice about your child's strengths and weaknesses and ask if you can call them if you need any more advice.  If you are really pressed for criticism of the school by someone, focus only on stuff that is completely out of the school's control and I do mean completely.  We plan to do daily Polish lessons, it is so important to Busia Bernadette.  We get so many fewer colds and fevers when we're home schooling.  (If you can pull a doctor recommendation credibly do so.) 

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If they asked I would just be honest in a nice way. You really feel led to homeschool or it works well for you and your family.

I would tell them how much you love to be with your children. Make sure to thank them for working with your children and leave it on a positive note. 

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Too bad you are in a small town or you could just claim to be going out of town. I would still pull them out and not worry about what they think. I might say something like "each child is an individual and this is just what works best for them." 

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You could say you love the school, but homeschooling works better with your schedule for now.
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