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I told my boss! It was awkward but okay.

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Earlier than I wanted to (I'm 8 weeks), but I'm sick/tired/showing so much there was no way to hide it anymore.  We had a good u/s on Tuesday, saw a little heart beat and a baby just the right size, so I told everyone at work on Wednesday.  My male boss and immediate supervisor were stunned; the women in the office were not surprised at all.  That kind of cracked me up.


It's a relief to have the news out there, and to be able to wear my maternity pants openly.  How about you guys?  Anyone else come out at work, yet?  How'd it go?

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That's got to be a relief!  I almost told my team yesterday at lunch because it was the last time we'd gathered as a group before next year, but decided to wait.  I'm 8w 5d and saw the heartbeat a few days ago, but decided that a pregnancy announcement would be a nice way to start the new year.

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Wow!  I'm glad that went so well for you.  I'm farther along (11ish weeks) but don't plan on telling my boss for another week or two.  Luckily in my current location I work with a bunch of clueless male engineers who have practically no chance of noticing on their ownwink1.gif.  I used to sit next to one of the other female engineers, and I went back to visit her last week and I know she could tell; but she'll keep my secret till I'm ready to share! 


I can't make a general announcement until after I tell people at work.  With facebook you can't keep anything secret.  I know my supervisor will be excited for me, though we just started a big new project and I'm not sure how my team leader will take it...


When I started this job 2.5 years ago I was 8 months pregnant!  After that experience I would have expected sharing the news this time around to be a breeze, but somehow I am still quite nervous about it.

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I'm glad it went well for you!


I had to email my boss yesterday to tell him. (He was out of the office all of yesterday on sales trips.) He hasn't said much this morning. He just sent me an email back saying we needed to discuss things. help.gif I'm not sure what there is to discuss...


The ladies in the office have known since I've known. They've all been very supportive.

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I'm not planning on telling until mid-January. Although, after a blacking-out-on-my-way-to-a-meeting episode on Monday, all the nosy biddies in my office are gossiping, looking at my stomach, and being all sly. Sheesh - at least care for a minute that something might be wrong with me before you jump to the preggo assumption. They all also know that I've have a m/c, so a little space would be nice. My office is almost all women, so it tends to be a bit more chit-chatty. But there are perks - my boss will be very excited for me when I do tell her. So I can't complain about that.

For now, I will just have to accept having my coffee, water, and food intake monitored. run.gif

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Staryla, I was really nervous too!  Even though I'd done it once before.  It was as hard and awkward as giving notice, even though I'll be back after a fairly short leave.  I work in a very male-dominated field, but in an office of mostly women.  Who have been asking me almost weekly when I was planning on having another baby.  It's a very small office, so if I told anyone, everyone else would know immediately.  And I had reached the point of having to carry something in front of my each time I got up, to hide my bump.  (I had that stomach muscle separation with my last pregnancy, which I'm blaming for everything sticking out so early this time.)


My boss did handle it better this time, with a look of shock and then a clumsy hug and congratulations.  Last time, he counted back the weeks, and then referenced a dress I'd worn to a business trip around the time of conception, and said "It must have been the dress!"  Male dominated field, check. 

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Charlize - Don't freak about your boss wanting to discuss things. There are always little details to discuss.  Like how long you'll be taking off, when, and how much flexibility you both want or need about the dates.  Whether you'll want to classify it as FMLA or just take leave and time without pay.  Maybe he just wants to congratulate you in person!


pigirl - That comment about the dress is something else!  Depending on the relationship you have with your boss and his personality that could be borderline harrassment (doesn't sound like it was in this case though).  I would be very taken aback if my boss said anything similar to me.

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I am trying to hide it until the new year. I love my boss and he and I are friends (couple friends) outside of the office. We are invited to each others baptisms, Halloween parties and so on.

Still, he promised me a raise, the only raise in ten years (I only work part time as a lawyer and had a terrible boss before). And with three kids there is no way I am going to risk not getting it. I should get it before Xmas and would tell everyone in the New Year. I am also showing a bit and worried someone will notice.

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I work for a Perinatal Network on Maternal and Child Health projects, so all of my co-workers are super-duper pregnancy detectives! I told my Program Director a few weeks ago, but I'm waiting to tell the rest of the staff until I'm 100% sure this one is sticky (I've had several losses in the year and a half that I've worked there)- I know that they'll all be extraordinarily supportive and sensitive either way, but we've only told a handful of people so far, and I think we'll wait until well into my 2nd trimester before we make any announcements (two of my losses were <8 weeks, but one was at almost 16 weeks, so that's the milestone I'm shooting for before sharing far and wide).

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