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Winter toddler tips and tricks?

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I am struggling with this and could use some tips!

We live in the city so we walk everywhere. But we have some issues:
He's a toddler, so he wants to get down when we get to our destination. His coat and my coat are bulky and slippery. If we take the bus it gets sooo hot!

Which carrier works best for easy on/off, carrying a heavy and bulky toddler? Should I wear it under or over my coat? After he gets out and is running around, do I leave it dangling on my body, or take it off (do I need to bring a big bag to carry it in)?

Thanks for your help!
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An SSC or a ring sling might be the ticket for you.  I would put it on under my coat put your child in and then put my coat around both of us.  If your coat is not big enough, put your coat on and then put his coat on ON TOP of the carrier.  If you pop his arms out you'll be able to put them through the sleeves which will keep his arms and back warm.  Your body heat should do the rest.  Otherwise you can tuck a blanket into the carrier to help keep him warm.  I personally, would just keep wearing the carrier when we get there or put it with our coats.  For me, I'd rather have a RS (Sleeping Baby Productions makes a great one) then an SSC but that is a personal choice.  I think sitting to ride on a bus it would also be easier to have a toddler in a hip carry then having him on back or front and trying to sit normal.

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We also walk and take public transportation almost everywhere in a cold northeastern city with lake effect.  This is what works for me and my 18mo.


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1. I always take one of those thicker "pashmina" type shawls with me no matter what carrier I use.  They are good as a rebozo and also as an extra support with a ring sling.


2.  I made a simple babywearing coat with a zip in panel using old navy fleeces.  I dress us in light layers and put the coat over us.  Last winter, I just wore a big sweater over us and added my shawl wrapped around us like a towel.


3.  If I'm riding the bus more than walking, I take the ring sling.  If I'm walking alot, I take a wrap.  I leave the ring sling on.  I take the wrap off and put it in my backpack, and use my shawl as a rebozo for quick ups and downs inside.  If I walk more than expected with the RS, I use the shawl as extra support (going like an X).  I have also wrapped loosely on the front to get on the bus.  I like having her in a carrier on the bus because I feel it is safer if we were to stop suddenly.


4.  I wrap high and wear a backpack low on my back.  As long as the backpack isn't over filled this is quite cozy for the kiddo.  I have a ridiculously long size 6 wrap that is on the thinner side and as I've gotten more comfortable with using it, I don't find it to be a pain to carry in my backpack when my toddler is down walking.  I will often pack her coat and snow pants in my backpack just in case she wants to walk outside, but she usually doesn't.


5.  A medium length wrap is great too.. Ruck tied in front is a lot more comfy than I thought it would be.  I do like the long wrap though because I feel like it is nice and cozy for her.  If the weather suddenly turns really bad, I can put her on my front and pull the crosses over her face to protect her.


6.  A SSC is probably great.  I have a lightly padded buckle tai that I don't like now that DD is over 20 lbs.  But I imagine you could do all the same with the SSC - wear it under a coat and all.

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we do not have a car or stroller and use public tranport to get to places. It is cold here, too (Alberta), so I am facing similar issues as you. I wear dd (20 pounds) underneath my jacket, on my front in either a wrap or mei tai. She usually has a long sleeved sirt, a thin cardigan and a tin jacket (just shell , no fleece), tights and lined jeans. If the ride is longer than 10 min and she wants to get out of the carrier, I let her sit on my lap, stand on the seats ... whatever keeps her happy. I take off her hat, mitts and scarf and sometimes even the jacket. Sometimes I pack the carrier inside my backpack and put DD in when we get off, if feasible. If it is extremely cold outside, I put all her gear back on,then ask somebody to hold her for a minute, pre - tie my wrap or mei tai and then pop her in when the bus stops at the intersection or at the bus stop near my destination. It is a challenge to do it this way, but if it is freezing cold outside, it is doable. I try to dress DD for success, i. e. to choose items which I can easily take off and put on, this goes especially for the jacket and her hat.  I even have her wear a slightly oversized jacket, so that it is easy to fasten the zipper. It might be easier to undress them if they wear pants and a jacket instead of a one-piece snowsuit... 

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I wear my 17 month old on mt back in a Boba. We both just wear our own coats, but that doesn't work perfectly since I feel like DD doesn't get her butt far enough down in the carrier because of the bulky coat. I try to use a light sweater or fleece as much as possible. Anyway, when we are on the bus, I just keep her on. She won't sit still at all, so I just either sit sideways, taking up 2 seats (we usually ride during the day when it's not so crowded), or stand if it's packed. I usually just leave the carrier buckled around my waist and hanging down if I take her out. I guess my strategies aren't perfect for you, since I just don't let my dd down much, but that's what we do. 

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