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Ok, so here's a little background info.  I have had 2 new sexual partners in the past 6 months.  One we used a condom and the other one we did not.  I started having pelvic pain a few months ago.  Then I started having yeast infection symptoms.  The yeast symptoms began right after I had protected sex.  We used a non latex condom so I have ruled out a possible allergy.  I thought for sure I had an std or something.  A yeast infection at the least.  I just got a call back from my doctor's nurse that all the culture's were negative, no yeast-no bacteria.  I asked her to find out what the next step is now b/c I need to know why I am having these issues.  Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing this?  My dr even told me that my cervix looked yeasty when she did the examination.