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New to dairy free and need some ideas

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My youngest has shown some sensitivity to dairy.  It's taken me a long time to even figure it out that it might be my diet.  Honestly, it was just the last thing from my radar.  I've treated his diaper rash with all sorts of things (from my pedi), but didn't even think about my diet until a comment from a stranger about a little eczema on his face.  I feel a bit dumb.


Anyway...I cut out dairy 2 weeks ago, for the most part (just the big offenders, not really in bread and stuff like that), and his diaper rash is gone for the first 2 week period since birth (before, it would come and go every few days), and his eczema is about 90% better.  So, I think I'm on the right path.


Just a couple of cooking questions.  What do you drink in your coffee??  I was a half and half girl, and I switched to the (chemical laden, but mostly dairy free) Coffee Mate.  I don't want to keep drinking that, though.  Also, what do you fry eggs in (I've always used butter)?? 


I seem to be able to figure out other stuff to eat, but these two are stumping me.  I'm sure the answer is obvious, but I just can't see it.  Thank you!

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For the coffee, try some soy, almond, rice, etc, "milk".  For the eggs, any kind of oil (olive, coconut, vegetable, etc) or you could use dairy-free margarine if you want it to taste more buttery.  

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I preferred coconut milk/oil as a replacement.

I'd fry the eggs in bacon fat.

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Fry eggs in coconut oil.  I can't help on the coffee, we didn't discover our son's allergy until after he was weaned.


I'm sure I've seen non-dairy creamers, but I don't know of anything more natural.

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Coconut milk would give you the nice creamy aspect of half and half.  We've found the So Delicious brand to be the tastiest.  It's in the refrigerator section.


I fry eggs in leftover bacon fat.  I keep it in a glass bowl in the cupboard above my stove.  A little olive oil would work well too.

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Coconut milk (So Delicious brand) is my personal favorite milk replacement! It is the only one I can really tolerate drinking. We use Earth Balance margarine, or if I need something right away and the store I'm at doesn't have it I'll get Smart Balance Light. Both are dairy free/vegan.

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I like coconut milk or rice milk in my coffee. I use coconut oil for cooking just about everything.




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quick coconut creamer recipe:

1 can full fat coconut milk, room temp (no, not low fat, not reduced, full or it won't work)

1 egg, room temp

a couple tbsp coconut oil, melted

a little vanilla if you want


mix together well with a blender. Quick, easy and tasty. It won't separate in coffee like coconut milk usually does and as long as its refrigerated, last awhile. It does come out almost like as foam, so you can scoop out out. 


Coconut oil,bacon fat, tallow, lard and olive oil are all really good for frying with. In regards to the bacon fat, if you use a fine wire mesh strainer it helps get rid of the little pieces of bacon and makes a cleaner longer lasting fat. I keep mine in the fridge. 

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Thanks for the great ideas!!  I'm going to cook my eggs in bacon grease this morning--I'll be transported right back to my grandma's kitchen.  Yum.

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We use palm oil/shortening from spectrum to fry in.

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For frying eggs, bacon grease I save or lard.

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