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I have been thinking about this a LOT. This thread makes me realize that I NEED to get my bootie to the gym! I used to do awesome walks/bike rides with the kids and felt much better. But, now that my 2.5 year old will NOT get in the bike trailer/stroller, that is much harder. I have been contemplating joining the Y in town. It has a really nice childcare facility and there are so many things that they offer that will be awesome when my DS turns 3 in May.


I am going to join today! You ladies have motivated me. I DESERVE THIS!!!!! joy.gif

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I work out but for the first year (actually year and a half) I didnt.


I gained a lot of weight and felt awful... I am starting to get myself back again but it has been after around 6 months of constantly trying to make time and find time. Some weeks are better than others but it is never easy.


Thankfully now I can leave both with their dad and call it a day. They are old enough that they can verbalize what they need and their father takes good care of them. 

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So this is what I’ve done to incorporate exercising.  DD is now almost 14 months old and I am trying to help her figure out other ways to soothe herself when she gets up besides me nursing her.  My DH helps a lot with this.  We aren’t completely night weaning, but she knows that if I’m not there, my DH will help soothe her and she quickly settles. 


So, I get up at about 5:00 so I am at the gym by 5:15 and do a workout until 6:15.  Then, I go home and lay down next to DD… nurse her… and then by 7:00 I get up and shower and get ready for the day.  I take the train but get off a little early so that I walk more.  I am in the office by 8:30.  I stay in the office until 4:00 and I walk the long way again and go home.  I pick up DD at about 4:50 from her homecare situation.  When DD goes to bed, I quickly finish up things I need to get done and then join her.


This routine is making me feel healthier and better.  I don’t know whether I can continue to keep this up, but it’s making me happy for now.  And, on nights I am really tired, I skip the workout in the morning.  So, I really end up going about 3-4 days a week, and I never go on weekends.

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I really struggled with this as a working mom, for all the same issues - I couldn't take breaks at work because I was already doing pumping breaks, I couldn't go in the mornings as my DH leaves early for work, and I couldn't stand taking more time after work away from my DS to go work out when he was only awake for three or so hours, and then I was so exhausted by then I couldn't even think about working out.  I really struggled to find ways to work out with my DS, but nothing just seemed to work.  Finally I found the solution, and I absolutely LOVE it.  I swapped my desk at work for a treadmill desk.  So I stand and walk all day long at a slow pace so I can still work on computer, talk on phone, etc. ... I just do it all day long.  Google treadmill desks and there is a ton of stuff out there.  It was the perfect answer for me - I didn't have to take away any time to do it.

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I posted earlier about not working out, but I just ordered a yoga DVD for kids - thinking maybe that counts as a little exercise anyway and then it's a group activity so I don't miss kid time because of exercising. 

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I have NO idea how I would have time to work out. I don't even have time to shave my legs... :S But I do agree with finding SOME self time. Mine is ever second night I have a hot bath with all the lights out and some candles and oils in my bath. I read in there for an hour or so. :) This is my special time and it keeps me sane.

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I don't work out but recently have tried squeezing in something physical.  I have a 11 week old and a 21 mth old so it gets pretty tough.  My DH gets to work out quite though, which I get jealous of.  He'll go after work or in between his two jobs.  I can't take my DC with me to work out cuz they have to be at least 6 mths old.  Saturday I had my DH watch the kids in the morning so I could go to the gym, but after running for 20 minutes I had to come back home cuz my BF son needed me.  If it was warm out I would at least go walking outside after dinner with the kids, but its too freaking cold here in Chicago right now.

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i only work out a couple of times a week.  my husband supports me and helps me with LO, so I can do this.  i find that short workout videos, like jillian michaels videos, are effective and not time consuming.

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I only work half-time but I work-out on my break. I go to a gym nearby where the trainer gave me 3 really fast circuit routines- 20-30 mins. These are full-body routines and I only go 1-2x per week and it has made a noticeable difference in my body composition. Even if you can't work-out at work I would recommend getting an efficient routine from a trainer and then attempting only twice a week. It makes a huge difference in how I feel  Also, evenings I am also dead on my feet but if I force myself to the gym I perk up right away.


Also a huge key in getting on a routine of regular exercise is to congratulate yourself on every single minute you spend exercising. Even if you don't think it is enough or you haven't done it for weeks. If I miss a month I make sure I give myself major kudos for the first couple times I get going again and I don't beat up on myself for not going regularly.

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Ha, I feel your pain!  I am on a swim team (not competitive, mostly for camaraderie/to have someone else plan my workout) and used to go to 5:30am practice 3x a week like clockwork, swim one weekend day, and bike/hike/run/etc the other days.  This morning I roused myself for 5:30am practice but I consider it a win when I can make it 1-2x a week...our 6mo wakes every 2 hours throughout the night, on a good night, and it's really hard to get up early these days.  Plus, because we have a nanny share that we can only barely afford, we are splitting our work time to minimize the hours away from baby/paying for child care.  So I tend to take a running break 1x a week at work (I have a pretty relaxed office) and go for a walk during one particular weekly Wednesday conference call (yay cell phones!).  Exercise is a mental health issue for me just as much as a physical health issue, thankfully my husband feels the same way and we work really hard to make it possible for one another to get in a swim, bike ride, or run - and a Saturday afternoon hike is often the best way for us to have a grown-up conversation of any substantial length!  But I also try to be easy on myself if I just can't get up, it's all a balance...and I'm considering joining a gym near the office next year to be able to duck out for a quick workout during lunch and shower afterwards!  Good luck and hang in there =)

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After baby #2 I have even less time to work out.  During lunch is hard cause half the time I just end up eating at my desk.  Evenings and mornings are out. Up at 5:30 and the kids are then in bed around 8.  I go to bed around 9.  I'm hoping once I'm less sleep deprived, I can squeeze something in the evenings, but right now I'm just too tired.  I should try going for runs on the weekend though, but it's hard to get a break from the kids.  

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This is such a good question. I really have trouble finding time. During my pregnancy I was an exercising dynamo. I really miss that.


I hear you on the low energy thing.  I find that if I can force myself to exercise, I end up with more energy than when I started, so that's something.


Here's an idea- could you maybe learn to nurse your kiddo in a sling or baby carrier? I try to take an evening walk with DS when I get home at least twice a week. He rides in his Ergo and can nurse while we walk. It's very tricky to learn, but if your kiddo is old enough, it can be done. In cold weather, I just make sure he's wrapped up inside my coat so it's not too bad tto have my breast exposed. As the weather gets colder this might have to change. :\


Be gentle with yourself, though, mama. These early years, so much of what we wish and want to be doing falls by the wayside because of the HUGE investment we make in our kiddos. It will pay off. You are building a PERSON right now. What huge work! If you don't find time to work out and be a hardboy glamour machine with a perfect house while yo'ure at it, then you're like all the rest of us. :) 


Good luck, mama. 

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