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I'm new here too!

pease - Sarah - 11/08/04 - #1

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Me too!

I am a newish lurker here, but I would be happy to be on the list...

Baby #3 (#s 1&2 are twins) due Nov 29!

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add me too


my edd is 11/26 and this is my first pregnancy

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New - Intro!

I can't believe I didn't know that mothering.com had forums, so I am brand new here. Been lurking on another November due board for a different site but was not very in tune with most of the member's ideas.

I am due 11/19 with baby #2, a girl. We are planning a birth center birth and I am so excited for it. Our first, Izzy (short for Izabelle), is 2 1/2 and was born in a hospital, induced due to preeclampsia. No signs of that this time around, thank goodness, and I found out today that I passed my 1 hour glucose tolerance which thrilled me.

So excited to get to know all of you!

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Wow, look at all the November babes!

I'm a newbie, but I'd love to join you all.

Jenn -- edd for my first is 11/11

Wanted a HB with a MW sooooo bad, but MIL is an RN, and DH is afraid that the baby or me will need medical care beyond what a good MW can provide. Plus, I think he kinda freaked out about using our bedroom as a birthing suite.

Oh well, here's hoping for a natural birth at the hospital with the OB and staff.

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Kinda late....

I just found this forum! I've been lurking/shopping in the TP and Diapering forums trying to get something put together for this new wee one, and just ventured out tonight to see what else there was on MDC.

We are due sometime between 11/7 and 11/12 (LMP and US), but Doc thinks we'll go early like DS (2 weeks).

I'm ready, excited and terrified. Never had 2 under 2 before, and I'm not sure how DS is going to take it when I BF the new baby. He self-weaned at 10 1/2 months when my supply, and I'm guessing the 'flavor', changed due to the pregnancy. He just adamantly refused it whether it was 'from the tap' or pumped.

It'll be an adventure, I'm sure.

C-y'all around!
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Never signed up - Amanda due 11/8
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Please add me to the list...due date November 27
Will be my second! Thanks
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