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rashy with prefolds. Laundering advice?

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My first two were in pocket dipes with polyester inserts.  Finally had it with the stink, so we are doing all cotton prefolds this go around.  Our little guy seems a little rashy, though, and I'm wondering if I need to launder them differently.  Any advice?  Currently we store the dirty ones in a dry pail, then we do cold rinse, wash on hot with All Free and Clear, and then another rinse.  Dry on hot.  So, give me your best ideas on how to make our dipes less irritating for our tiny guy.  Thanks!

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ive come to realize that no matter how i do my diaper laundry, its the actual wetness that gives my boys a rash. not a bad rash, just red-ish.


when i am super on top of it, the redness goes away. then of course, i let the time between dipe changes go longer and longer and the redness comes back.



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Hey there, the rashes might be due to the detergent you're using. Bummis has put out a great list of detergents and why or why not they should be used on cloth here: http://www.bummis.com/media/detergent-information.pdf  All Free and Clear could be adding residues to your diapers that can cause irritation to sensitive skin.  You can also try adding a fleece liner to your diapers (I jsut bought some cheap fleexe at the fabric store and cut it up myself) which will add more of a stay dry liner in your diapers more similar to that of the pocket diapers you used on your other boys.

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Our pf's will cause our ds to get rashy too if i leave them on him for a bit after he is wet.  I agree with previous posters that it could help to put a fleece liner or doubler in there.

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and we wash with charlie's soap, so I'm sure he's just getting a rash b/c of the wetness of the diaper and not our detergent...

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Actually, Charlie's soap causes major rash for a minority of babies.  All Free and Clear leaves residue.  My guess is that it is a combo of wrong detergent, too much detergent, and just being wet.  I'd switch detergents, use less detergent, rinse more, and try fleece liners.

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and, try stripping the diapers in case there is residue.

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Originally Posted by Galatea View Post

Actually, Charlie's soap causes major rash for a minority of babies.  

this is good to know...

although in our case, i don't think its the soap...

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