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Triangle Saturday Play-date 12-11-10

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 What a great date!

My friend and I are meeting up at the Walnut street park in Cary Saturday around 1:00. What a great way to take a break  from all that shopping plus it's next to the Crossroads! 


I hope you can make it.




cya then....

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Oh darn.  DH was playing music with friends at 2:00 and that might have been fun to do rather than sit home and feel the floors shake!

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So, Sue, I see you picked a weekend when you knew I would be out of town to post about some weekend fun!  Should I be overdramatic and read something into it and sulk?  :P

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It ended up raining anyway.....some Saturday I will try again. 

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It snowed a little today.  


I was going to call you to see if you wanted to do anything, but then we had surprise visitors (neighbors).  And now I am having some kind of upset stomach episode that I hope is not a stomach bug but just a very temporary reaction to something I ate.

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