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I started spotting on Thursday.  I completely freaked out and sobbed the whole way home from work.  I thought I was 8 weeks and they couldn't get a heartbeat at the er. Hgc was like 19,000.  Said there was a sac but wouldn't say for sure what was going on.  Got my hgc checked again today with more spotting and am waiting for my mw to call and get results.  This is torture.  Don't want to hold false hope but i didn't know this would be a giant greuling wait.  Been home from work for two days, mostly for crying jags. have a little of what could be mild cramping -mainly what feels like an irritated cervix. Any thoughts? 

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I have a pretty sensitive cervix.  I scratched it myself a while back (was still checking my cervix, have since quit that), but with my son and with this pregnancy, I do get a bit of pink/red-streaked CM and sometimes even a spot or two after straining on the toilet (sorry if that's TMI).  Maybe you are experiencing the same thing.


My sister had a lot of straight up bleeding when she was pregnant with my niece.  It was around 8 weeks, I believe, and she had strong cramps, too.  It was enough to send her to the ER at least twice.  They never figured out what was causing it, but everything turned out fine.

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thanks. i fantasize outcomes like that.

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I bled a lot at about 8 weeks with my DD. I hope you get good news!

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Spotting is very common in pregnancy. Personally, I've had spotting in all of my pregnancies except for one.


I hope you hear good news from your MW. Keep us updated.

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Levels dropped to 14,000.  So I guess I'm out. I enjoyed all of the discussions and wish everyone here healthy babies.

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I would get an u/s to be sure. I'm sending you positive energygoodvibes.gif

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hug.gif  I am very, very sorry, SunnieP.  greensad.gif

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Originally Posted by 1fitmom View Post

I would get an u/s to be sure. I'm sending you positive energygoodvibes.gif

It sounds like she already had one?  But maybe I read that wrong. 

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Sending you lots of positive energy! its not uncommon (from what I know) to not hear a heartbeat at 8 weeks and bleeding is common and most of the time nothing to worry about. *hugs* Keep us posted!

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hug.gif I'm sorry, SunnieP

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So very sorry SunnyP!  Also sending healing vibes your way! goodvibes.gifhug2.gif

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So very sorry. Many healing vibes your way.

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