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Can CNM's deliver twins in Mass?

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Hi Mama's, In the event that I'm having twins, does anyone know the laws about cnm's being able to keep me as a patient and deliver them in Massachusetts? Thanks!

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Yes, they can.  I had my twins with a cnm.  I never even thought about it!  There are not as many who will do homebirths.  Congratulations!

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Sacred Birth Midwifery does homebirth of twins. I had mine with them (surprise twins :) and they were fantastic! (Loved them for my previous waterbirth of singleton too)

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Last I heard, the midwives at the North Shore Birth Center will attend, but only in the hospital.

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All CNM will catch twins but only in a hospital setting.  The two birthing centers will not accept twin pregnancies but will attend them in the affiliated hospital.  I was seeing the midwives in Somerville when we found out I was having twins (they are affiliated with the Cambridge birth center) and I was told that they would rather I see the OB and I would probably have a c-section.  I eventually saw the midwives at mt Auburn Hospital and they were a mixed bag of support, some pushing c-section some very supportive of natural birth.  In the end they sectioned me.  There are a couple of homebirth midwives who catch them with varying rules.  Some want you to have back up dr support or want babies to be both head down in order to attend.  Some are more relaxed.  There are two birth centers in NH near the boarder that will attend higher "risk" births and may catch twins. There are a couple of very good OBs at MAH that support natural twin birth as well and I know of a twin mama who had hers with one of them.  Congrats on your babies!  Twins are so amazing :)

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My understanding is that Louise at Wareham Nurse Midwives will do twins and birth vaginally as long as baby A is head down. I specifically asked because twins aren't exactly a rarity in my family (both sides). She comes highly recommended here on MDC and I plan on having her for my next baby. If you're near the south shore/south coast she might be worth checking out.

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