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Teeth are a real problem.

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DS is teething, and he has two bottom teeth so far. Lately he's been doing this thing, not exactly biting but sort of yanking on my nipples. This obviously hurts ALOT with the teeth involved. I think he may be having trouble getting a good latch? Or maybe it just feels good on his sore gums? Either way, it's really hurting me. What can I do???

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I'm having the same problem, except with actual biting going on.  All the advice the LLL gives is to unlatch her before she gets to the end of the feeding, when the biting happens, or to unlatch if she bites and say no before latching her back on.  But those bits of advice aren't working for me during night feedings, so I can just offer you my sympathy. 

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If you find a solution for this, please let me know!  I can totally sympathize with you.


My daughter also bites while nursing.  It started with her biting at the end of the nursing session - no problem, I would remove her.  Now she bites in the beginning, middle and end.  I keep a finger ready and watch her really closely.  Thankfully, she has no teeth yet.  I tried the LLL techniques and have had no luck.

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I am going to move this out to the main forum as per the Breastfeeding Challenges guidelines.
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